Yes, it is true, there is a World Backup Day and it is today, March 31st. It was started back in 2011 by Ismail Jadun, a Youngstown State University student at the time, as a way to feature his web/marketing firm, 614a. And although the website seems to be down these days, World Backup Day lives on!

So, how do we celebrate World Backup Day with Macs?

By making sure you are properly backed up and those backups are up-to-date. And, please note that iCloud in NOT a backup, it is a syncing service.

There are many different ways to backup up your Mac. Today, I am going to cover the easiest way to Backup: Time Machine and Backblaze. We have written about Backblaze and Preventing Catastrophic Data Loss before. And it cannot be stressed enough that there are two types of computer users: those who have lost data and those who will. There is no getting around that! It will happen eventually. So, backup, backup, backup!

Lightroom Guy uses the 3-2-1 strategy as recommended by Backblaze. We encourage all of our clients to follow this strategy by keeping three copies of your work:

  1. The first copy is the one you currently are using
  2. The second copy is of all your data in the cloud
  3. The third copy is of all your data on a local hard drive.

It is easy to think you are backed up, but you may not! So, please, read on.

This approach makes sure that, no matter what, even if you lost your computer and all your hard drives in a tragedy, you would still be able to recover all of your files. Every one of them from your cloud backup.

Make Sure all your drives are getting backed up!

With Time Machine, make sure your external hard drives are getting included in those backups. It’s easy to miss, as Apple displays an EXCLUSION list of your drives that are not getting backed up. Many users miss this point and see it as the drives that are getting backed up. But they are not. In order to include them you must remove them from that list. Here’s how.

1. Open your Mac system preferences and select Time Machine

2. Click the Options button on the bottom right

World Backup Day System Preferences

3. Select the drives that you want to INCLUDE in your backup

World Backup Day Mac Exclusion List

4. Click the Minus button on the lower left of the window to remove the drive from the EXCLUSION list

5. Save

You may not see your drive(s) now, but this will now include them in future backups to Time Machine. I do think it is odd that Apple has chosen to do it this way, by showing you what is not being backed up vs. what is. Also, you may need to make sure you also have enough disk space to include this additional data.

Make sure you keep that external Time Machine drive plugged in or plug it in daily. It’s quite easy to think you’re backed up when, in fact, you may not have backed up for months. Happy World Backup Day!