So, we looked for a current PDF of the Lightroom Classic Manual and couldn’t find one!

Lightroom (both versions) has an official URL for user manuals. But there hasn’t been a PDF Lightroom Classic Manual download available for quite some time. The good news is, the Lightroom basics haven’t changed all that much. And there is a somewhat recent Lightroom Classic Manual posted on Adobe for download.

Lightroom Classic Manual
The Lightroom Classic Manual

I keep a copy of this PDF Lightroom Classic Manual (as well as PDF manuals for my cameras, lenses and software) on my travel laptop, iPhone and iPad. No matter where I am, I can quickly search for anything I may have forgotten (or just don’t know!). Even if I’m offline. It happens. 

You can download the last known PDF Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Manual (May 2018) here:
The Spanish language version is here:

And just to prove my point that some things in Lightroom haven’t changed much, the 05/10/2018 PDF Lightroom Classic manual contains a link to a Lightroom version 1.3 video tutorial from 2007 by George Jardine. George was the very first Lightroom pro photography evangelist. It’s dated still (mostly) holds true.

One last note, we’d like to remind our Apple readers that we’re still not recommending that people update to macOS Catalina! Reason being is that macOS Catalina works in ways that could break your essential apps or workflows! This is especially true for the digital photo community. Each new minor “dot” release is getting us closer. The information we are getting from clients and tech blogs we read is that we should all wait just a little longer.