New Lightroom Guy Website:
Same Great Content + More!

It has been a long road, but we finally have our new Lightroom Guy website up and running! As many of our regular readers know, we offer a number of professional services relating to digital photography, computers, software and travel. As our tagline indicates, we offer “Expert Support for Digital Photography.”

While our old website was great for putting our blog posts forward, it wasn’t always clear that we operate as a professional services company. Indeed, our website is our primary source for getting in touch with new clients. So, we wanted to make it clear to people visiting the site that we are more than just a blog.

The New Site & The Blog

We will continue to devote a good amount of energy into writing blog posts that focus on practical and informative topics that provide a real value add for our readers. If your primary purpose for visiting our site is to read our blog, we will always keep a direct link from the home page to the blog as well as feature headlines from the last couple of posts. You can also bookmark a link directly to the new Lightroom Guy website blog using this URL:

Our Services

As for our professional services, you can read more about them on the Services page. Not too many folks out there specialize in what we do; no doubt that is why we are always so busy! And while a few talented photographers dabble on the side in teaching and supporting Lightroom, we look at the bigger picture and think about photography from end-to-end.

Lightroom Guy website

From the taking of photos, all the way through to the critical steps of backing up and archiving, we have you covered by providing expert level support.  Sure, we teach tried and true developing processes and provide the support you need for making prints and books. However, at our core, we’ve helped hundreds of photographers by fixing their broken catalogs, removing duplicates and setting up best practices to make working with Lightroom a pleasure, not a task.

We Are Bespoke

While we’re Adobe Certified Experts in Lightroom, we don’t limit ourselves to dealing with only one software solution. We look holistically at the client and their needs and build solutions that work for them. Because no two photographers work the same way our services are bespoke to each person. We tailor our support based on our years of experience as professional photographers as well as the deep knowledge gained by working with thousands of clients over many years.


Kerala India by D.A.Wagner at Lightroom Guy website
Kerala, India ©2019 D.A.Wagner

Part of the philosophy that drives us is the idea that everyone can become a better photographer by learning how to manage and develop their  images. When we take a step back from that, we see that coaching our clients in the actual act of taking photos is a crucial part of that equation. Learning to decide which images are your best photos, guides you to making better decisions when you’re taking them. So, what better way to practice photography than to travel? =)

Serengeti National Park by David Mark Erickson at Lightroom Guy website
Serengeti National Park, Tanzania ©2019 David Mark Erickson

While we both travel a lot, putting together and running photography itineraries is a new part of our business. We are leading off with DA leading a photo trip to Greece in mid 2020 and David is working on a specialized photo safari in Tanzania for early Fall of 2020 … check out the Greece itinerary now and look for the safari itinerary, which will be posted soon, here on the new Lightroom Guy website!

Get In Touch

Lightroom Guy website
Chaing Mai, Thailand ©2019 D.A.Wagner

As always, we are here to support photographers in achieving their goals. We’re active in our local community, through the American Photographic Artists NYC chapter. And, we are always happy to answer questions and tackle your issues … we are just an email away!

Thanks for visiting the new Lightroom Guy website.