Adobe Lightroom 9.3 Features Update

Lightroom 9.3 features major enhancements beyond what we usually expect in a dot release. And, as David Mark Erickson mentioned in a previous blog post, Adobe has also done a redesign of all their product logos.  Let’s take a look at a few of these new changes and features in Lightroom Classic.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

New Adobe Lightroom Classic logo

Curves Panel Refresh

In all the previous versions of Lightroom, it took quite a few clicks to get to the point curves from the parametric curves. This option was overlooked more often than not. This update in Lightroom 9.3 features a relocated  RGB point curves to the top of the Curves Panel. If you didn’t know these existed, now you do. This is a powerful feature you’ll want to learn to use.

HSL/Color Panel Refresh

Just like the parametric curves, Lightroom is using the same design feature to update the look of the Color section of the HSL tab. Nothing has changed performance-wise, other than it’s a fresher look

Color panel Lightroom 9.3 update

Hue Slider Added to Local Adjustments

There is a Hue adjustment slider in HSL/Color Panel in Lr but it’s a global adjustment and changes everything in a photo when a slider is adjusted. Our friends in the Lightroom development team have added version of the hue slider in the local adjustments panel! This Lightroom 9.3 feature is available for all three local adjustments: Gradient, Radial and Adjustment Brush. Used with the range masking feature, this is another truly creative addition to the Lightroom Classic Develop module.

The video is a quick demonstration of the new Hue Slider. The basics are simple and the results very powerful and exciting. Watch the video to see how this works.

For a real deep dive into this new Lightroom feature, check out this Adobe Blog post from the ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) Team.


There are many more Lightroom 9.3 features, as well as Photoshop, and you can read about them here.