“David quickly cleaned up my catalog issues and then helped me with some develop issues. He showed me new functions and how to better use the tools I used. He then helped me navigate some printing issues. A great session! I highly recommend David for his amazing skills, knowledge base and understanding.”

Brian O., Brooklyn, NY USA

“Excellent Tutor”

“There may only be a handful of individuals in this city with D.A.’s knowledge and experience. He’s an excellent tutor: patient, relaxed, and flexible with lesson plans covering whatever I’m curious about as opposed to being fixed on a particular lesson structure. The learning is fun and efficient and I feel very comfortable asking questions. We’ve worked on Lightroom, Photoshop, and studio lighting techniques- I’m confident that with D.A.’s help, I’ll be able to reach my goals much sooner that I originally anticipate.”

Gaurav K., Brooklyn, NY USA

“Great Working With You”

Thanks, David.  Great working with you.  I learned a lot today.  There’s so much more in Lightroom than I knew.  You’re an excellent, knowledgeable, patient teacher.  It’s a great comfort for me to know you’re there to answer my questions as I learn how to get what I need from Lightroom.”

David Alexander (photographer of Eagle's Hotel California Album Cover), Washington, USA


“I really needed the skills that David was able to bring to this task. I had been using Lightroom for a while, but never really grasped the organisational complexities. I think it would have been impossible for me to get it all sorted out on my own. David is a master, showed me exactly how to set it up, sorted out all my old setups, and now I’m all set. Next lesson will be to start improving my LR techniques, looking forward to it. Bottom line, incredibly grateful to find somebody with David’s depth of knowledge who could work with me on my setup in a custom way.”

Clifford P., New York, NY USA

“Misplaced about 16,000 photos”

I am not very technical and although I thought I had properly managed my Lightroom catalogue, somehow I had misplaced about 16,000 photos and thought they were lost and I was absolutely devastated. I explained the situation to David who carried out a thorough search, found the images, helped me rebuild the catalogue and put systems in place to ensure my images are secured and properly backed up. He was cautious, knowledgeable and I recommend him without reservation, to anyone facing lightroom problems.
Dan B., Manchester, U.K.

“Excellent Tutor!”

“In one session David was able to review my existing lightroom library and backups. He suggested changes that will make my workflow process much more efficient and my photo library more secure. Not a minute was wasted during the session – I feel like I got more out of this two hour session than I ever could have gotten from a group workshop since it was specifically tailored to my needs. I would highly recommend David and will use him again in the future as needed. Thank You!”

Kathleen, San Diego, California USA