It had been a distressing mess for a number of years, I could never have fixed on my own.

“Thank you for the service you provide.
It has been a wonderful experience getting my lightroom sorted.
Dimitris has been a patient expert guide through the process.
It had been a distressing mess for a number of years, I could never have fixed on my own.”

Peter Roberts, Melbourne, Australia

“Great Working With You”

Thanks, David.  Great working with you.  I learned a lot today.  There’s so much more in Lightroom than I knew.  You’re an excellent, knowledgeable, patient teacher.  It’s a great comfort for me to know you’re there to answer my questions as I learn how to get what I need from Lightroom.”

David Alexander (photographer of Eagle's Hotel California Album Cover), Washington, USA

“Excellent Tutor!”

“In one session David was able to review my existing lightroom library and backups. He suggested changes that will make my workflow process much more efficient and my photo library more secure. Not a minute was wasted during the session – I feel like I got more out of this two hour session than I ever could have gotten from a group workshop since it was specifically tailored to my needs. I would highly recommend David and will use him again in the future as needed. Thank You!”

Kathleen, San Diego, California USA

“I have all my photos back!!!”

It was the typical disaster scenario: I had intended to delete some reject photos and somehow ended up deleting a whole catalog of 15000 photos taken over the last 10 years. My Lightroom skills level is just above amoeba level and I spent 3 days trying unsuccessfully to get the photos back. A session with Apple support and the Adobe gave the same results. Something I had done was preventing a restore of the photos and it was suggested that the photos were gone forever. An internet search brought me to David. David in turn, put me in contact with Dimitris. We arranged a zoom meeting for the next day to discuss the strategy to recover the files. After the strategy meeting I agreed that Dimitris could attempt a restore. Ninety minutes later and I have all my photos back!!! Any photographer will understand the immense feeling of relief I have. Dimitris did an excellent job, explaining step by step what he was doing and 4 days of stress and worry were ended in only ninety minutes, Thank you David and Dimitris for a fantastic job. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Brian McGovern, UK

“A Terrific Tutor”

“I feel very lucky to have found David as a photography tutor. He is professional, patient, kind, intelligent, and most importantly…tolerant of my endless questions. My sessions with David are fun and painless… I only wish I had found him sooner. Would I recommend him? My answer is a definite ‘yes’.”

Lynn P., New York, NY USA

“Creative and Technically Savvy Tutor”

“David is a great teacher and trained me in digital photography software. He taught me not only how to use the software but also the pro’s and con’s to using it. He had several photography tips and other resources for me to study. He even followed up to check the status of my learning progress. The training was critical for a job opportunity in which I landed the position. I would recommend David anytime for his thorough knowledge in digital photography.”

Jon F., Las Vegas, Nevada USA