“Creative and Technically Savvy Tutor”

David is a great teacher and trained me in digital photography software. He taught me not only how to use the software but also the pro’s and con’s to using it. He had several photography tips and other resources for me to study. He even followed up to check the status of my learning progress. The training was critical for a job opportunity in which I landed the position. I would recommend David anytime for his thorough knowledge in digital photography.

(D.A. Wagner) — Jon


I really needed the skills that David was able to bring to this task. I had been using Lightroom for a while, but never really grasped the organisational complexities. I think it would have been impossible for me to get it all sorted out on m,y own. David is a master, showed me exactly how to set it up, sorted out all my old setups, and now I’m all set. Next lesson will be to start improving my LR techniques, looking forward to it. Bottom line, incredibly grateful to find somebody with David’s depth of knowledge who could work with me on my setup in a custom way.

(D.A. Wagner) — Clifford

“Excellent Tutor”

There may only be a handful of individuals in this city with D.A.’s knowledge and experience. He’s an excellent tutor: patient, relaxed, and flexible with lesson plans covering whatever I’m curious about as opposed to being fixed on a particular lesson structure. The learning is fun and efficient and I feel very comfortable asking questions. We’ve worked on Lightroom, Photoshop, and studio lighting techniques- I’m confident that with D.A.’s help, I’ll be able to reach my goals much sooner that I originally anticipate.

(D.A. Wagner) - Gaurav

“Expert and Patient Tutor”

“I contacted David after some struggles with a younger and less experienced tutor. He has sorted everything out in just two sessions. He keeps the sessions moving forward and has a great sense of humor and compassion. If you need any guidance in Lightroom, you’d be very happy and relieved to work with David.’

(D.A.Wagner) — Mame H, Cleveland, OH

“Thank You So Much!!!”

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate everything you do to set up my photo archiving system! You are a wonderful teacher and I am so impressed by your ability to figure out software that you hadn’t seen before and really getting into the labyrinth of my set up! Thank you. Thank you.

(D.A. Wagner) - Roseann Ippolito-Needleman, NYC

“Couldn’t recommend him more highly!”

“Just wrapped up a session with David and he was so incredibly helpful. We spoke on the phone before the session so he understood what I needed help with beforehand – and as a result, we were able to hit the ground running at the session and get the most out of our time together. I’m a professional photographer and needed some help fine tuning my workflow and archiving process. He answered all of my questions, helped me improve my current workflow, and gave me a number of tips to make my work easier going forward. I’m so impressed with his level of expertise and I also found him to be incredibly kind, professional and welcoming (we did the session at his home). Couldn’t recommend him more highly! Only regret is that I didn’t meet with David sooner!”

(David Erickson) -- Sai Mokhtari, Professional Photographer & Photojournalist