“David was excellent! My primary goal was to transfer my Aperture Library into Lightroom and David successfully accomplished that! He is very knowledgeable re: Lightroom. He also gave me a couple of “Lightroom tutorials.” Overall, the best compliment I can give is that I was very impressed with David as a tutor and I would definitely use him again!”

Barbara Z., Brooklyn, NY USA

“I have all my photos back!!!”

It was the typical disaster scenario: I had intended to delete some reject photos and somehow ended up deleting a whole catalog of 15000 photos taken over the last 10 years. My Lightroom skills level is just above amoeba level and I spent 3 days trying unsuccessfully to get the photos back. A session with Apple support and the Adobe gave the same results. Something I had done was preventing a restore of the photos and it was suggested that the photos were gone forever. An internet search brought me to David. David in turn, put me in contact with Dimitris. We arranged a zoom meeting for the next day to discuss the strategy to recover the files. After the strategy meeting I agreed that Dimitris could attempt a restore. Ninety minutes later and I have all my photos back!!! Any photographer will understand the immense feeling of relief I have. Dimitris did an excellent job, explaining step by step what he was doing and 4 days of stress and worry were ended in only ninety minutes, Thank you David and Dimitris for a fantastic job. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Brian McGovern, UK

“Misplaced about 16,000 photos”

I am not very technical and although I thought I had properly managed my Lightroom catalogue, somehow I had misplaced about 16,000 photos and thought they were lost and I was absolutely devastated. I explained the situation to David who carried out a thorough search, found the images, helped me rebuild the catalogue and put systems in place to ensure my images are secured and properly backed up. He was cautious, knowledgeable and I recommend him without reservation, to anyone facing lightroom problems.
Dan B., Manchester, U.K.

“Great Tutor – Great Lesson”

“I spent a few hours with David both shooting and editing my photos and was extremely pleased. David carefully selected a location for our shoot that provided me with the opportunity to learn and employ different photographic techniques and to deal with different lighting problems. David is a working professional photographer and effectively passed along a slew of practical and theoretical tips about composition, layering, depth of field and other matters that I was able to put to good use during our time together.

I especially enjoying taking a series of pictures that we later stitched into a large panorama when we progressed to the editing portion of our time together. David has a deep knowledge of photography and is a wiz with Lightroom and Photoshop – and with Mac computers in general. Among other things, David reviewed and explained all of my Lightroom and Photoshop preferences and helped me understand the different options and coordinate my choices and actions so that I could quickly and efficiently transfer images between Lightroom and Photoshop.

David is an enthusiastic, organized and patient teacher who inspires you to grow as a photographer and to learn more about the creative and practical side of photo editing. I look forward to our next time together and recommend David as a photographic and editing coach without any hesitation or reservation.”

David E., Long Island, New York USA

“Consummate Professional”

“David is a great tutor! He has extensive knowledge, and communicates that knowledge extremely well. His explanations are precise, cogent, and easy to grasp. He is a consummate PROFESSIONAL!! To put the icing on top of this David really cares !!!”

Moe N., Staten Island, NY USA


“David quickly cleaned up my catalog issues and then helped me with some develop issues. He showed me new functions and how to better use the tools I used. He then helped me navigate some printing issues. A great session! I highly recommend David for his amazing skills, knowledge base and understanding.”

Brian O., Brooklyn, NY USA