“Excellent Instruction”

“In over three years of studying with David, I have learned a tremendous amount about every aspect of photography: I’ve learned to take better photos, organize my photo library with Lightroom, to select my best photos from the thousands I take, develop them using Lightroom’s vast and ever-increasing set of tools, and create beautiful photo books. David is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also an excellent teacher who is a pleasure to study with.”

Dr. Shaula Yemini Alexander, Ph.D., Entrepreneur, New York, NY USA


“David quickly cleaned up my catalog issues and then helped me with some develop issues. He showed me new functions and how to better use the tools I used. He then helped me navigate some printing issues. A great session! I highly recommend David for his amazing skills, knowledge base and understanding.”

Brian O., Brooklyn, NY USA

“Excellent Teacher – D.A.Wagner is the absolute best in the business!”

“David is a superb tutor and consummate professional. With his combined years of experience in both Commercial Photography and Teaching – David brings a phenomenal amount of knowledge and seasoning to the sessions. His classes are chock full of information and insights. I needed to unlearn some things I learned as a PC user; organize my existing 20,000+ photos (which were scattered all over the hard drive and were scaring me); and learn how to use LR correctly going forward to maximize my organization and processing at a more professional level.

David has the multiple abilities and skills to make sense of my chaotic style and computer issues; move me along at a nice rate on the creative and artistic side of developing my photos; and offer first rate tips and techniques based on what I want to accomplish with LR and my photography. As a person, David is sensitive, patient, and kind. He has demonstrated a wonderful sensitivity to my artistic vision, and so much patience. The sessions fly by – he makes it fun. For the new customer looking for an excellent tutor- you need not hesitate. I recommend him wholeheartedly. He is excellent!”

Linda D., Staten Island, NY USA

“Exceeded my Expectations!”

“David is an amazing mix of technical wizard, incredibly experienced artist and a humble teacher. My Lightroom was a mess and within minutes he came up with a way for me to reload all my photos in a new catalog and then be able to go back and clean up my old catalog. He then gave me instruction on how to organize my photos, how to rate them and showed me some developing techniques. ALL OF THIS WORK WAS DONE IN JUST TWO HOURS!!! This was the best teacher I’ve ever had. I never thought about Photoshop, but with David, I might give it a try. Awesome experience!!!”

Neil O., Brooklyn, NY USA

“Expert and Patient Tutor”

“I contacted David after some struggles with a younger and less experienced tutor. He has sorted everything out in just two sessions. He keeps the sessions moving forward and has a great sense of humor and compassion. If you need any guidance in Lightroom, you’d be very happy and relieved to work with David.”

Mame H., Cleveland, Ohio USA


“It took me a good while but I did get my photos re-linked, thanks to your patient forensic troubleshooting to work out what the problem was and how to fix it.”

Fran R., Canberra, Australia