“A Great Help”

David got me started in transferring pictures on Aperture and Lightroom from one computer to another, and to a separate hard drive, setting it up for easy organization.(D.A. Wagner) — Susan

“Great, Very Knowledgeable”

I really appreciated the lesson as it did answer my needs to the point. David knows a lot about both photography and the processing software. He is very generous with his knowledge and really wants you to learn something. I wish I had more time for more lessons. Highly recommended. (D.A. Wagner) — Patrick

“Exceeded my Expectations!”

David is an amazing mix of technical wizard, incredibly experienced artist and a humble teacher. My Lightroom was a mess and within minutes he came up with a way for me to reload all my photos in a new catalog and then be able to go back and clean up my old catalog. He then gave me instruction on how to organize my photos, how to rate them and showed me some developing techniques. ALL OF THIS WORK WAS DONE IN JUST TWO HOURS!!! This was the best teacher I’ve ever had. I never thought about Photoshop, but with David, I might give it a try. Awesome experience!!!(D.A. Wagner) — Neil

“Great Tutor! Knowledgeable, Personable, Helpful and Goes the Extra Mile”

David is a highly experienced, educated and personable tutor. His interest is always in helping you get to where you need to be. He is patient and caring and takes you through the process of learning computers step by step making sure that you understand it each step of the way. Beyond teaching skills, he will go of his way to connect you with resources and/or people that can help you in your field. He is great at what he does, (photography) and has years of experience to offer.(D.A. Wagner) — Randy

“A Great Teacher (and Photographer)”

Simply put, David is simply great at teaching light room. Always on time, but not a clock watcher, he is really dedicated to helping the student learn. Truly, an excellent tutor. (D.A. Wagner) — George

“Amazing Tutor!!!”

David has worked with me in Lightroom for only a few sessions (so far!) but I feel I have gained the knowledge of a formal sitting course. I have been having fun with my camera and Lightroom for a few years now. I have picked up bits and pieces from friends and blogs over that time. David ties things together for me perfectly. Thanks David!!!(D.A. Wagner) — Kris