Lightroom Classic Update 7.3.1 and Upcoming Lightroom Workshop

This week Adobe released Lightroom Classic update 7.3.1

This update includes fixes for presets and profiles in addition to a fix for an issue corrupting backup catalogs. To resolve this particular corruption issue, update to Lightroom Classic CC v7.3.1 and then back up your catalogs again. If you’re backing up your catalogs on Mac, use this link related to catalog compression. It’s an important update to install, even though there aren’t any new features to introduce. To find out more about these fixes, you can read the release notes for this Lightroom Classic update

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Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic: Should You Switch?

Since last October, when we published our first post introducing Lightroom CC, some of the questions asked most by our clients are: What should I do? Should I keep Classic or switch to the new Lightroom CC? The only answer we can offer is: it depends!

Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic: Should You Switch? Photo Illustration © 2018 D.A.Wagner, Lightroom® Logos are registered trademarks of Adobe, Inc.

Besides asking us if they should switch, another oft asked question is: what’s up with the name?? Yes, it is confusing but, so far

The Lightroom Legacy Catalog Series-Part 1

The Lightroom Legacy Catalog

The Lightroom Legacy Catalog Part 1

Many of us remember finding shoeboxes at home, full of photos, tagged with a label and a lid that didn’t quite close, revealing the contents within. They sat on the top shelves of closets begging to be discovered. As kids we’d leaf through overfilled scrapbooks of photos that sat on a bookshelf. The shoebox was where all the other stuff went: forgotten but not gone.

This is the beginning of an ongoing series. We will be taking a deeper look at the Lightroom catalog and

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Lightroom CC & Lightroom 6 Manual Download

Without much fanfare Adobe has posted the Lightroom CC & Lightroom 6 Manual. This is the latest version of the manual. And with a publish date of 4/20, is there a little inside joke here? The PDF manual is now two weeks old and the world should know it’s available, especially since it’s not included with the CC download. (However it is available through the Lightroom Help menu, which brings you to the official Adobe Lightroom Help web page. Most bloggers just post the Keyboard shortcuts