The Lightroom Legacy Catalog Series-Part 2, Back Up Your Photos and Catalogs!

Back Up Your Photos Before Creating Your Legacy Catalog!

 Recently, David Mark Erickson and I were doing an Intro to Lightroom and Bookmaking workshop and we asked our class two questions:

  1. Can you find a particular photograph in your Library on request? Reply: No one had an effective system for identifying, searching and finding photographs.
  1. Are you backed up? Reply: No.” This wasn’t a surprise. Yet this was a group of wise, intelligent men and women. No one was thinking about the great personal loss that would be, if a hard drive failed or a computer was stolen. Hard drives don’t live

Adobe Lightroom Library Workshop & Repair Lab

LightroomNYC and the

Adobe Lightroom Library Workshop & Repair Lab

June, 4th, 2016 at 73 West 23rd Street, 5th Floor, Seminar Room B

Adobe Certified ExpertI’m excited to announce the launch of LightroomNYC, the first and only Lightroom workshops taught by Adobe Certified Lightroom Experts in New York. I’ve teamed up with my friend and co-host of the the NYC Lightroom Meetup Group, David Mark Erickson, also a certified expert, to create the ultimate in Lightroom learning experiences.

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