Where’s the PDF Lightroom Classic Manual?

So, we looked for a current PDF of the Lightroom Classic Manual and couldn’t find one!

Lightroom (both versions) has an official URL for user manuals. But there hasn’t been a PDF Lightroom Classic Manual download available for quite some time. The good news is, the Lightroom basics haven’t changed all that much. And there is a somewhat recent Lightroom Classic Manual posted on Adobe for download.

Lightroom Classic Manual
The Lightroom Classic Manual

I keep a copy of this PDF Lightroom

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Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic: Should You Switch?

Since last October, when we published our first post introducing Lightroom CC, some of the questions asked most by our clients are: What should I do? Should I keep Classic or switch to the new Lightroom CC? The only answer we can offer is: it depends!

Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic: Should You Switch? Photo Illustration © 2018 D.A.Wagner, Lightroom® Logos are registered trademarks of Adobe, Inc.

Besides asking us if they should switch, another oft asked question is: what’s up with the name?? Yes, it is confusing but, so far

Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic

By now you may have  heard that Adobe has introduced two versions of Lightroom. One is called Lightroom Classic and the other Lightroom CC. I equate this new naming to this: after your second child is born, giving that child the name of your first child and giving your first born child a new name. Got that?

This naming was confusing to the Adobe professional community as well – to the point of humor. But nonetheless, Adobe went ahead with the name changes. So let me explain the differences.

Lightroom Classic CC