Four Ways to Adjust Lightroom Sliders

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Do you ever find yourself dreading the amount of time it takes to develop all the photos from your last trip? Well, you are not alone! Over and over again we hear from clients about how they avoid selecting and developing because of the shear number of photos they took. One of our solutions is to demonstrate how we take advantage of all the features that Lightroom has to offer. And one of them is, that there are four ways to adjust Lightroom sliders in the Develop module.

We know it sounds a little to simple but, knowing how to quickly

Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts In Action

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In an earlier post, I wrote about setting View Options – specific camera metadata you can view on your image thumbnails in Grid and Loupe Views (Shutter speed, F/Stop, Exposure, Date, Camera Serial #, etc.). It’s incredibly useful, especially learning what went right (or what went wrong!) with your image captures.

I use shortcuts all the time to turn the visibility of my metadata View Options on and off. But the Lightroom keyboard shortcuts I use in one module sometimes have a completely different function in another module. That’s because, unlike Photoshop, Lightroom appears to treat each module (Library, Develop, Map, Book, Slideshow, Print and Web)

A Common Keyboard Shortcut Error in Lightroom

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I love teaching keyboard shortcuts. But sometimes they come back to bite me. In this particular case, to help my students speed up their workflow, I teach them the keyboard shortcut of tapping the Y key in the Develop module for a preview of side-by-side before and after develop changes. Tap the Y again and you’re back in the Develop Loupe View. And here’s the common keyboard shortcut error in Lightroom: the T key is positioned right next to the Y key. And when T is unintentionally tapped instead of Y, you may not notice that it causes a change across all of

Two Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts for Viewing Metadata

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Here are two Lightroom keyboard shortcuts I use dozens of times every day. And they are:

#1. Tap the J Key in Grid View – Library Module

I set my Lightroom View Options in the Library to show specific photo metadata (Merriam Webster definition:data that provides information about other data) when I’m editing (paring down to the best of the best) in the Grid View. For me, it’s a learning experience. I get exposure information that tells me if I did something wrong (or right!) and see my capture time (important to me!). Expanded cells show me as much info as possible, including the