How to Search for Photos in Lightroom Classic CC

Search for photos in lightroom classic cc I tend to leave all my folders open

So, you’ve just imported a bunch of photos into Lightroom, but can’t find them. Where’d they go? Here are four ways on how to Search for Photos in Lightroom Classic CC.

It’s not unusual for me to have to search for photos in Lightroom Classic CC. I have a large library and there are way too many master year folders open, revealing a long list of subfolders that are time consuming to sift through. When I import a

The Lightroom Library Mystery Part 4

Or, Lightroom Guy’s Completely Over Explained and Over Simplified Method of Importing Photos and Maintaining the Lightroom Library

Part 4 – The Finale

Soooooo many LR users have struggled with lost files and keeping their libraries organized that even Adobe now has a warning at the very beginning of the Workflows chapter, in the Lightroom PDF manual:

“Important: When importing for the first time, think through how you want to organize your photos and where you plan to store them before you start to import. Planning ahead can help minimize the need to

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The Lightroom Library Mystery Part 1

The Introduction

Dated lightroom Folders with titles This is an example of my Lightroom Library folder structure

If you are an experienced Lightroom user and comfortable managing your images and importing into Lightroom, you probably don’t need to read any further. You can go watch Julieanne Kost’s excellent importing video tutorial on the Adobe site. However, if you’re still struggling to organize your Lightroom Library this is the place to start: the Import.

Most of my initial house calls for private sessions start with finding, repairing, restoring and reorganizing a student’s

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