Create a 2020 Copyright Preset for Lightroom

Whether it’s friends and family or submitted images to contests and publishers, you don’t need to be a professional to consider embedding a copyright. Take advantage of these protections to their fullest. Use a copyright preset in Lightroom on import to identify you as the creator/owner of your digital images to outside third parties.

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Creating a Lightroom Copyright Preset for 2017

It’s another year and time once again for updating or creating your Lightroom copyright preset for 2017.


Here’s our simplified, step-by-step breakdown: Part 1

1. Start in the Library Module and go to the Metadata Panel on the right side. Choose “Edit Presets” from Preset pulldown menu (Note: if the Metadata panel is blank, simply select a photograph for the Metadata sections to appear)

Creating a 2017 Copyright Preset in Lightroom 1. Choose Edit Presets

2. The Edit Metadata Presets dialog pops up. It will look daunting, but don’t worry. Show only the sections you will

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