Series of overlapping captures for making a stitched panorama

Even laying out the sequence of photos looks pretty good. Stitching them in Lightroom is easy!







It’s amazing how easy it is to do by overlapping each shot in your pano by 50%. And once you’ve shot a few of these sequences and stitched them on your own, you’ll be an expert. I’m sure of it!

How to Shoot a Sequence of Captures for a Stitched Panorama in Lightroom

The location where I shot this panorama is one of two terrific spots in Brooklyn Bridge Park. I frequently stop here to take pictures on my photo walks to capture this iconic view the Brooklyn and the Manhattan Bridges. If you’re visiting NYC (and even if you live here!), you shouldn’t miss this spectacular location!

Brooklyn Bridge Park, NYC

Since there are two spectacular places to shoot from, sometimes it’s a hard choice to make, but Pebble Beach can be crowded with other photographers and I wanted a little less commotion while shooting my video.

My next blog post will be a tutorial that demonstrates, step-by-step, how easy it is to stitch this series of captures into a Lightroom panorama and I’ll also show you how I develop a dramatic panorama using gradients and radial filters. I’ll have the frames available for download so you can try stitching in Lightroom CC/6 for yourself.