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Expert Support for Digital Photography

Passionate amateur or a working pro, I can help all levels of photographers. From learning new skills in photography, Lightroom and Photoshop to solving your computer hardware or photo management problems to spec’ing out your next computer or photo trip, with 30 years of digital experience, I can solve just about any challenge you have. And, if I can’t solve it, odds are I know someone who can.

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Lightroom Guy offers 1-1 Private Sessions for Lightroom

1 on 1 Private Sessions

Get the support you need

Whether personal or professional, in-person or online and no matter where you live: New York City or around the world, we’re full-time photography coaches who can meet every need at any level. We’ve proven our teaching methods by passing Adobe’s stringent certification tests that guarantee we have high standards as Lightroom and photography experts.

So, no matter your age, background or skillset, we will work with you every step of the way with complete dedication to your learning experience. We do this with patience and a healthy sense of humor. Please, click the Contact button below to schedule a free 30 minute strategy session to discuss your requirements and expectations.

Lightroom Catalog Setup and Management by Lightroom Guy

Lightroom Catalog Setup and Management

Get control of your images

The digital revolution has brought to photography limitless opportunities to capture the world. These vast quantities of images leave today’s digital photographers with complex management challenges. I can help with catalog planning and organization, locating missing photos, reorganizing or restructuring your Lightroom catalog or photo library in general. I can even combine multiple catalogs and photos into one library and onto one hard drive. Everyone has different requirements and after ten years of doing this, I’ve helped to organize hundreds of photographers.

  • Just starting out? I’ll set up your initial catalog to meet your needs and show you how to keep things organized on your own.
  • Is your catalog a total mess? I can restructure your existing library of photo by removing duplicates, locating missing photos and getting everything clean and manageable.
  • Are your photos scattered across multiple devices? I can transfer everything to a new, larger hard drive or move everything over to a new computer. I’ll get you back on track and then show you how to stay on track.
  • Are you changing over to a different photo program? I have experience moving photos out of Aperture, iPhoto, Picasa and many other applications and into Lightroom.

No matter your circumstances, I work to get your images organized, designing a system of importing and managing that suit your needs.

Not ready to do private sessions? Here’s a link to my webinar series, Introduction to Lightroom Classic for Photo Managers. Not just for photo managers, this series of ten, one-hour Lightroom Classic Library webinars will get you started with the basic and finer points. $99.00

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Travel Photography Tours and Workshops

Bespoke Photography Tours for Discerning Photographers

Lightroom Guy photo tours are totally customized travel workshops offering the ultimate private and small-group travel experience for photographers. Working with our expert local guides to find off-the-beaten-track locations with insider access.

We currently offering the following scheduled tours:
The following are custom designed photo tour itineraries – available on request:
  • Colorful Hill Stations and Backwaters of India
  • Austere and stunning landscapes and waterfalls of Iceland
  • Wild white horses, birds and landscapes of the French Camargue
  • Northern Greece and Greek Island tours

Tours include local travel, all fees, hotels, most meals and photo instruction including Lightroom and/or Photoshop training from Lightroom Guy.

Business Consulting

I am your photography solutions partner

Lightroom Guy is a boutique operation. Everything is tailored specifically to solve your corporate photography challenges and enable your business objectives.

Business services include:

  • Setting up a new, or organising an existing photo library
  • Finding solutions to your photo management challenges with well thought out strategies designed for growth
  • Recommendations for cameras, accessories, hard drives, RAIDs, printers, peripherals and desktop/laptop computer purchases
  • Computer setup, installation of software
  • Back up strategies, including setup of RAIDs, Cloud backups and installation of backup software

Having worked as a digital pro in NYC, Lightroom Guy understands photography and photo management like few others. Add in our technology solutions for storage, archiving and printing and you have the perfect solutions partner.

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