Here’s a subtle, yet simple approach to gently pull your subject of interest visually forward while maintaining an “honest” result that doesn’t look manipulated using the Radial Filter and Post Crop Vignetting in Lightroom.

When I think about what I’m going to do in Lightroom before I start working, I discover details I hadn’t noticed when I shot the picture in the first place. Doing this contributes to how I grow and see as a photographer and, in this video I demonstrate how to mark up a photo to note the changes I want to make before actually starting work in the Develop Module.

Sharpie China Marker

China Marker (AKA grease pencil) 

I mark up the picture in Photoshop. However if you don’t have Photoshop simply print out a draft quality photo on your printer and mark it up using a red, black or white china marker.

Read and watch more about the Radial Filter in my previous post here and my video about Sliders and Switches is here. Watch Julieanne Kost’s fine blog post on the Lightroom Effects Panel and her helpful, short blog post on removing lens vignetting before adding the Post Crop Vignette.