At last night’s special NYC Lightroom Meetup we had Adobe Evangelist Terry White as our guest speaker. He presented a Lightroom tethering tip for Nikon users that I really appreciated – he discovered that Lightroom slows Nikons to a crawl when tethering if it has a memory card in it with lots of captures. It’s going to look like no camera is connected…

Lightroom No Camera Detected

It looks like there is no camera, but Lightroom is actually very busy reviewing all the photos on your memory card

until Lightroom first looks through all the photos contained on the memory card. Then LR tethers the camera.

Nikon D810

The hint that this is happening will be the green busy light on the back of your Nikon. If it stays on after you connect the camera to Lightroom, check to see if your memory card isn’t loaded with photos. If that’s the case, either remove the memory cards, put in empty memory cards or reformat the cards (but only if you’ve already downloaded and backed up the photos). This this will get you connected with no delay. This doesn’t happen with Canon cameras.

Also, according to Terry, the tethering issue of a camera being randomly disconnected from Lightroom has been resolved with Lightroom 5.7.1. Make sure you have this latest LR update from the links below for less tethering headaches.

Thanks, Terry!