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Everything we recommend we use ourselves or have experience using with our clients.

Cloud Backup Software by Backblaze

backblaze for backing up to the cloudFor backing up to the cloud (off-site), the backup service/software we recommend to our Lightroom Guy clients is Backblaze. It’s a great “set it and forget it” backup platform and robust enough to meet most user’s needs while being dead simple to use.We’ve tested quite a few cloud storage options and, compared to other platforms, you’ll see why we recommend Backblaze. They also have great information about the longevity and reliability of hard drives based on their experiences with a number of different manufacturers and models.

Lightroom Develop Presets by Prolost Lightroom Presets by Prolost

Prolost presets are created by color correction expert, Stu Maschwitz. Stu is a film director, a self-proclaimed filmmaking nerd and visual effects wizard who has worked for Industrial Light & Magic. Noted for his work on a number of Star Wars films, he’s also a brilliant Lightroom technician. Purchasing sophisticated Lightroom presets like these raise the bar when it comes to achieving professional results. Try out the free Prolost Dehaze Presets to see what we mean. David Mark Erickson and I recommend these presets without reservation. Keep in mind that some of the presets are seasonal and available only for a limited time. We’ll do our best to note when a preset has been “retired.”

Prolost Graduated Presets

Prolost Graduated Presets contain over 600 Lightroom presets arranged to create a unique “see-and-react” workflow. You don’t need to be a Lightroom expert, you just need to know what you like. For Adobe Lightroom 4 and up.

Prolost Winter 2016 Presets

Looking to convert your color captures to black and white? Prolost Winter 2016 is Stu’s set of 112 excellently crafted black and white Lightroom presets, each with a unique combination of color mixing, contrast, film-like tone curves with subtle vignettes, and grain. Perfect for portraits, street photography, architecture, and landscape. Requires Lightroom 4 or later. See our upcoming review of the Winter 2016 presets.

Prolost Light Leaks 

Prolost Light Leaks is an  authentic looking collection of 480 light leak presets for Adobe Lightroom is inspired by four actual vintage film cameras that sparked Stu Maschwitz’s love of photography. For Adobe Lightroom 5 and up.