Over the past 4 years of teaching Lightroom to a broad range of students, I’ve discovered I sometimes make assumptions that something is understood: a keyboard command, what a slider does (or doesn’t do), or maybe it’s button on a panel. However, it’s not infrequent that these teaching moments get passed by unless a student stops me. And it’s my fault for assuming these things.

Because of these questions, I’m going to add posts from time to time that address very specific aspects of Lightroom that have come up during these sessions. Sometimes I’ll look microscopically at LR tools, settings and functions, other times I’ll look more broadly at LR features. You may want to skip these posts if you’re an experienced user, but I am always learning from my students. They discover features (documented and undocumented, and sometimes little bugs) – that enhance my Lightroom knowledge because of their unconventional approaches and workarounds.

So I’m introducing LR:Shorts, short blog posts that address very specific Lightroom features. So, here’s some fun stuff for a change.

LR Shorts: Customizing the Lightroom 5 Identity Plate and Module Buttons

Lightroom CC + 6 users please note! Clicking on the triangle will not bring up the option for selecting the Identity Plate Editor as described in the video. Instead, right click on the text of the Identity Plate for the Identity Plate Editor dialog box.