Lightroom Guy Photo Tour, Greece

After a number of trips to Greece, DA has put the final touches on the 2020 Greece Lightroom Guy Photo Tour. Two years in the making, we’ve partnered with local guide, Dimitris Giouvris and his best Greek location scouts. This immersive trip will take you to off-the-beaten-track experiences, even in the midst of well-known locations. Our 2020 Greece Lightroom Guy Photo Tour starts May 31st and concludes June 14th. We’ll travel from Athens to Meteora, Zagori, the less touristy, yet absolutely entrancing islands of Sifnos and Milos and all places in-between before returning to Athens to capture breathtaking landscapes of the Acropolis and other commanding, historic landmarks. This is a well-rounded tour with opportunities to capture some of the most commanding landscapes Greece has to offer, plus food stops, cooking classes, visits to local artisans and musicians.

For more details on our 2020 Greece Photo Tour, click here!

LIghtroom Guy Photo Tour. Acropolis at Sunrise
Acropolis, Athens, Greece ©2019 Dimitris Giouvris

David Mark Erickson is currently in Budapest, Hungary looking at future Lightroom Guy Photo Tour workshop opportunities. David’s an old hand when it comes to Budapest. He’s also putting his new Nikon Z6 to work, as in the gorgeous example below. Expect to see more of David’s work in a future blog post on his trip.

Budapest, Hungary ©2019 David Mark Erickson

DA, on the other hand, is leaving for the remote Western Fjords of Iceland on June 19th. This will be his first time in the Western Fjords, but his third Iceland visit. This may be the final reconnaissance trip before piecing together an exciting Lightroom Guy Photo Tour of Iceland’s most beautiful and least traveled locations. Think Game of Thrones with this upcoming Lightroom Guy Photo Tour!

Lightroom Guy Photo Tour. Southern Iceland 2018.
Moss Covered Lava Field, Iceland, ©2019 D.A.Wagner