Skeleton Man

Skeleton Man ©2014 D.A.Wagner

After waffling for a year, I finally took the challenge to demonstrate my Lightroom skills by taking the Adobe certification exam.

I studied hard making sure I knew all the little minutia that I heard Adobe put in their tests. Sure, I was ready, but on the day of the test, at the testing site, they took away my phone, ipad, backpack, even my keys before they let me into the testing room (yes, it’s on a computer). I was waiting for them to ask me to take off my belt and step in for a full body scan, but I guess that was being repaired. And, then they have strange people watching you through giant picture windows, just to make extra special doubly sure you’re not looking at notes written on the soles of your sneakers. I have to admit, all that made me a little nervous; Adobe doesn’t fool around when it comes to testing. They are expensive and if you fail, you have to pay again. Plus, it’s been a long time since I’ve taken a test.

Through all the nervousness I performed well, as it seems Adobe saw fit to certify me, Lightroom Guy, as an Adobe Certified Expert.

Actually, they wouldn’t certify anyone named Lightroom Guy, I had to use my real name.