Lightroom Updates – Classic and Desktop. What?

What’s In a Name?

Hello everyone, it’s time again for Lightroom updates. But first, more confusion from the Adobe marketing team …

Adobe has tweaked the name of Lightroom Classic. Formerly, the official name was “Lightroom Classic CC” and they are now dropping the “CC” to make it just Lightroom Classic. Just to be clear, this is the original version of Lightroom that allows you to manage your own files.

The newer version of Lightroom is now being called “Lightroom” or “Lightroom Desktop.” Confused yet?? Again, to be clear,

APA Partnership and New Lightroom Guy Workshops!

American Photographic Artists logo, Lightroom Guy workshops

Over the last couple of years, we have been developing a partnership with the American Photographic Artists (APA) | NY Chapter by presenting Lightroom Guy workshops and Tech Talks. The NY Chapter is very active and has a thriving membership. We are happy to not only provide Member Benefits but to offer several, ongoing events and activities planned for the coming year. All events and activities are open to members and non-members alike, with APA Members receiving preferred

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1-2-3 Lightroom Develop Strategy

Our 1-2-3 Lightroom develop strategy is an easy and fast approach to great results for raw captures (JPEGs, too). Beginners and even experienced Lightroom users can benefit from utilizing Adobe Sensei’s ever improving machine learning. These features are incorporated into the Develop module of both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC. Using the 1-2-3 Lightroom develop strategy takes less time and is far more productive than poking around with sliders, especially if you’re unsure of what the sliders do.

Taking advantage

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Lightroom Workshops Doha 2019

The Doha, Lightroom workshops series began with Develop Like a Pro. And, over the next three days, we covered everything from developing, asset management, backup strategies and bookmaking. Working at the Fire Station has been one of my most satisfying teaching experiences.

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