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It has been a long road, but we finally have our new Lightroom Guy website up and running! As many of our regular readers know, we offer a number of professional services relating to digital photography, computers, software and travel. As our tagline indicates, we offer “Expert Support for Digital Photography.”

While our old website was great for putting our blog posts forward, it wasn’t always clear that we operate as a professional services company. Indeed, our website is our primary source for

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Backblaze Update 7.0 Catalina Compatible


Backblaze Update 7.0 Has Just Been Released

It was just announced that the latest Backblaze version 7.0 is Catalina ready and offers new options for extended version history recovery. Instead of the usual 30-days backup that is included with a Backblaze license, you can now choose an option to recover deleted files for a year or forever. This is a major change in Backblaze strategy.

Backblaze is our choice for offline backups that complement our local Hard Drive backups. Up until now, with

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Do Not Update to MacOS Catalina (yet)! Adobe Warns Photoshop and Lightroom Users

dont update to catalina macos yet - lightroom adobe errors

Do Not Update to MacOS Catalina

Apple does this: abandons technology for the next shiny toy. In this case, 32 bit support has been replaced with 64 bit support only.

The October 9th MacRumors story, “32-Bit Apps ‘Not Optimized for Your Mac’ No Longer Working on macOS Catalina,” says “Apple warned that it (Mojave) would be the last version of macOS that would support older

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When Lightroom Crashes on Mac

Lightroom Crashes!

I thought I’d seen the last of this, but Lightroom crashes suddenly on Macs. It just disappears from the screen in an instant. I used to see this more often with Lightroom 6, but I still see it happening. Usually after an update to Classic from earlier versions of Lightroom. This issue seems to be MacOS agnostic as it happens with Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave with Lightroom 6, 7 and right up to 8.4.1.

Here’s what happens:

Everything is fine in the Library. Imports, moving folders,

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Summer Travel Photography – Part 2

In the previous post of this series, I discussed an important way of thinking about how to approach your summer travel photography. I pointed out that cameras are just tools and it is up to us as photographers, to know when and how to use the right tool for the right job, especially when it comes to smartphones or traditional digital cameras.

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New Lightroom Texture Slider & Clarity – What’s the Difference?

Thanks to guys like Max Wendt at Adobe, we now have the Lightroom Texture Slider.

Max wanted to develop a tool for Lightroom that works like Photoshop for smoothing skin. Once he achieved the result he was looking for, he thought, “what would happen if I made the slider work the other way?” And thus, the Lightroom Texture Slider was born. Great for subtle contrast increases. Great for smoothing skin. If you’re a true technology wank, read more about Max’s Texture Control here.

It is a very useful feature that’s in

What you NEED to Know About Color Space …

Thankfully the answer is: very little!

Color Space gamut map
Gamut map of various color spaces

Just the other week, a client bought a new camera and came to us with a question about color space. They had read a few articles on the internet about the difference between ProPhoto, AdobeRGB and sRGB. Thinking more was better, they set their camera for ProPhoto. But, got confused when it came to changing settings on their computer.

This simple answer is, if

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