Update Lightroom 9.3 Features

Adobe Lightroom 9.3 Features Update

Lightroom 9.3 features major enhancements beyond what we usually expect in a dot release. And, as David Mark Erickson mentioned in a previous blog post, Adobe has also done a redesign of all their product logos.  Let’s take a look at a few of these new changes and features in Lightroom Classic.

Adobe Lightroom Classic New Adobe Lightroom Classic logo

Curves Panel Refresh

In all the previous versions of Lightroom, it took quite a few clicks to get to the point curves from the parametric curves. This option

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Lightroom Classic Preferences & Catalog Settings

Best Practice Settings for Lightroom Classic — Part I

Lightroom Classic Preference Settings

I was configuring the Preferences and Catalog Settings for a new Lightroom Classic catalog the other week and I realized that there isn’t a lot of good information about which settings are the most important to pay attention to. So, I conferred with D.A. Wagner and we came up with a list of the most important settings that need attention for running Lightroom Classic.

Lightroom Classic has a

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How to Fix Color Cast in Lightroom Classic

Is There a Color Cast in Your Raw Capture?

It’s been nearly four years since our last posting on how to correct a color cast. And, although correcting color cast in Lightroom hasn’t changed much over the years, Adobe has done significant, “under the hood” improvements with machine learning. So, it’s time for a refresh and we’re adding our free PDF download, “How to Fix a Color Cast” for reference.

Photo with color cast that requires white balance correction
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Lightroom Classic Version 9.2 Released

Along with updates to Lightroom Desktop, Android, iOS versions, Lightroom Classic 9.2 released yesterday Here are the takeaways of note for Classic:

Lightroom 9.2 Bug Fixes

There are nearly 60 new bug fixes in this release. One bug fix that we’ve been waiting for is the “No photos found” displayed in the import dialog when connected to an iPhone. Done! Also, there have been considerable bug fixes for Macs on Catalina. So

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Should You Back Up Your Lightroom Catalog?

Best practices for finally taking care of that annoying pop up!

Ever find yourself in this situation?
You go to quit Lightroom and this pops up … Do you want to back up your catalog?

Lightroom Back Up Catalog popup dialog
Do I want to back up my Lightroom Catalog? Um, yeah … I think so???

Let’s demystify what that pop up message really means and understand the best practice to back up your Lightroom catalog.

First, this blog post

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