A Robust Update for Lightroom Classic

Adobe Lightroom Classic version 9.3 Splash Screen

Adobe Lightroom Classic 9.3 Splash Screen

Adobe continues to support a robust development and update path for Lightroom Classic. As such, the update from version 9.2 to 9.3 includes a significant set of feature enhancements and bug fixes. We’re going to cover only a few items since there are too many minor changes to cover in this blog post. For super detailed coverage, check these two blogs:

As well, Adobe has done a refresh on their logo designs, which affects all of their products. We’ve a blog post about the topic here:
New Logos for Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Desktop

That said, will follow up with one or two more posts covering the new Develop module features and enhancements. Check back here or watch our blogroll for updated info!

In this blog post we will cover:

Camera & Lens Support and Bug Fixes

As usual, you can find support for new cameras, lenses and a list of current bug fixes here:

New Sync Interface

Lightroom Classic 9.3 Update Sync Interface
Lightroom Classic 9.3 Update Sync Interface

Adobe has been developing what they call an “ecosystem,” so users can move content around between different Adobe platforms. Technically speaking, there are four different versions of Lightroom: Desktop, Classic, Mobile, and Web. And yes, it is technically possible to share photos between all of them; but that’s a topic for another post! There are several technical issues involved, especially if you use multiple catalogs in Classic. So, we do not recommend our readers enable this feature without first knowing all of the issues. 

The new Sync button, located on the Menu bar, allows users to see and interact with their online account. This info used to be hidden under the identity plate but has been relocated to the upper right corner for easier access.

Multi Batch Export

In version 9.0 Adobe included the ability to “batch” export photos. This improved feature lets users choose multiple sets of settings (size, resolution, location, etc.) to make exporting more efficient when more than one version of a file is needed.

Lightroom Classic 9.3 Batch Export Dialog
Lightroom Classic 9.3 Batch Export Dialog

This update includes added detail to the dialog boxes to make it easier to know that a batch export is being completed as well as a new feature for choosing the folders where exported files are saved.

Crop “Center” Overlay

In a small but useful addition, when cropping a photo, you can choose from several different overlays to help analyze the composition of a photo. We’ve long had access to a Grid, Rule of Thirds, Golden Spiral and several other overlays. Tapping the ‘O’ key in Lightroom Classic, while in the crop tool, will cycle through these overlays. In this update, Adobe has finally added a “center” overlay, which divides the screen into four quadrants with a crosshair in the center of the crop.

Lightroom Classic 9.3 Update Center Crop Overlay
Lightroom Classic 9.3 Update Center Crop Overlay
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Facebook Published Collections

It used to be possible to share photos directly from Lightroom Classic to Facebook using plugins, found in the “Publish Services” panel in the Library module. However, in 2018 Facebook discontinued the ability for third-party apps like Lightroom to publish directly to the Facebook platform. After two years, Adobe has decided to remove the plugin from the Publish Services pannel.

With this release, any existing collections under this service will be preserved, but will automatically be moved to the main Collections panel. We have not tested this feature, so one recommendation would be to manually copy any Facebook collections to the main Collections panel before upgrading to 9.3.

Lightroom Classic 9.3 Update Facebook Collection
Lightroom Classic 9.3 Update Facebook Collection

Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below or drop us a note if you need any help or support with this upgrade or any other issues.