Recently, we’ve had a number of Lightroom Classic 8 clients on older Macs complain that the Spot Removal tool is slow. Even on a 2015 iMac with decent specs, running on an i7 processor with 16GB RAM and Fusion drive, the Spot Removal tool is slow.

Previous Solutions

But before I get started with the solution, I want to point our readers to the Adobe site for general optimization of your hardware and operating system for Adobe Lightroom.

Spot Removal Tool is Slow

This URL has a list of ways you can do to generally get Lightroom running faster. Today’s blog post is for those of you who are seeing that the Spot Removal tool is slow. Lots of spinning rainbows and wasted time. Our solution may also help Lightroom speed up the other local adjustments as well, to perform better and faster.

The Spot Removal Tool is Slow

So, this is a new video tutorial update for speeding up Lightroom. We blogged about speeding up Lightroom 5 a number of years ago and recently in Lightroom 8, using third party software, Photo Mechanic. But now, we’re talking more specifically about speeding up what can be the dead slow, wait for the spinning rainbow, time killing spot removal tool. Especially if you’re spotting scans (prints and slides), which can be the worst culprits.