Along with updates to Lightroom Desktop, Android, iOS versions, Lightroom Classic 9.2 released yesterday Here are the takeaways of note for Classic:

Lightroom 9.2 Bug Fixes

There are nearly 60 new bug fixes in this release. One bug fix that we’ve been waiting for is the “No photos found” displayed in the import dialog when connected to an iPhone. Done! Also, there have been considerable bug fixes for Macs on Catalina. So far, we have been warning users to NOT update. Now, we are expecting to give a go-ahead on updating to 10.15 very soon … Watch our blog for updates!

Camera and Lens Support

In addition to New Camera support for Canon, Leica, LG, Nikon, PhaseOne (yes, PhaseOne!) and relative newcomer, OnePlus smartphones. Lightroom has new lens correction support for nearly 50 lenses, including 15 of the new Sigma lenses.

Features and Enhancements

  • Support for Photoshop Elements 2020
  • Added a “Done” button in the Export dialog to remember changes
  • Added, a “Cancel” button in the Export dialog to forget changes made in the Export dialog

And, these are enhancements we’ve been waiting for!

9.2’s Develop Module’s Auto Sync button highlights when it’s turned on. Now, it’s way more visible than the old Auto Sync button, which we’d forget to turn it off and accidentally continue to sync develop settings.

Auto Sync button now highlights when active in Lightroom 9.2 release
Auto Sync button now highlights when active

Another added bonus in Lightroom Classic 9.2 is an Auto Sync is a banner notification. Once we’ve Auto Synced, Lightroom flashes a banner letting us know how many photos we’ve adjusted. Previous versions had no banner notification which also contributed to accidental syncing. Other adjustments will also show a banner, like Flip and Rotate. Nice job, Adobe!

A close up of a sign
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A banner now appears after syncing Develop settings
Lightroom Classic 9.2 now sees Photoshop PSB icon
Courtesy of Adobe, Inc.

Lightroom now recognizes Photoshop large document PSB format files (Photoshop files over 2GB). For those of us working in Photoshop with multiple layers, this is has been long awaited (11 years!).

Lightroom 9.2 Default Develop Settings now called Raw Defaults

Lightroom classic 9.2 released, Camera Raw Defaults icon
Photo Courtesy of Adobe, Inc.

Raw Default is found in the Presets Tab of Lightroom Preferences. In the pulldown menu, Adobe Default will apply an Adobe standard profile. When checked, “Use defaults specific to camera model,” and Camera Settings is selected from the pulldown, Lightroom will attempt to use whatever in-camera settings you have selected for your camera raw captures. Or, choose any of your Develop presets. Note: Any previous default settings will not be imported over to the updated Lightroom 9.2 release.

You can also customize the Raw Defaults by choosing a specific camera and develop preset (including user created presets) and save the Default and automatically apply it later to selected photos. Look for an upcoming blog post on how to use this improved feature.

Customize Your Camera Raw Settings

Other Enhancements

Lightroom Classic 9.2 other enhancements icon
Photo Courtesy of Adobe, Inc.

These are the notable items in this Lightroom Classic 9.2 release we know our readers will like. You’ll find more about Classic 9.2 here. For more details about Android, iOS and Lightroom Desktop (formerly Lightroom CC) updates, go to the Adobe site for those details.