Lightroom Classic 7.4 Update is Released

Fast and furious, Adobe’s been debugging and updating Lr Classic’s features, and so, the Lightroom Classic 7.4 Update is already here. It was only April when the last Lightroom update was released. This Lightroom Classic 7.4 release has bug fixes, catalog management improvements, new file format support and added features. It’s hard to keep up!

Here’s the basic rundown on new features:

Hide and Reveal Presets and Profile Groups

Lightroom Classic 7.4

Choose to Show or Hide Profiles

Lightroom 7.3 introduced Profiles and additional Presets. In this release of Lightroom Classic 7.4 (available only for Creative Cloud members) you can have control over which Presets and Profile Groups are visible. This will allow you to hide what you rarely use and keep the Presets or Profile Groups you use most visible. This will reduce the time spent sifting through the myriad of Presets you’ve accumulated. Of course, the hidden items can be revealed again at a later date if you need them.

Folder: Labels in Color and Faster Searches

Lightroom 7.3 added a Favorites option that added a “star” to a folder icon. Now, using the same shortcut keystrokes, you can add a color label to your Folder (Not available for Collections. Maybe version 7.5?) by selecting a folder in the Folders Panel, Control Clicking (Mac) or right clicking (PC) and choosing a color from the submenu – “Add Color Label.” Once you’ve chosen a color, a color bar will appear on the far right side of your folder title.

Searches will be faster, too. Click the magnifying glass in the Folder search window to see options for filtering by Color, Favorite or All. There’s more on searching Folders here on the Adobe site.

Auto Stacking HDR and Panorama

Check Create Stack to Stack source images with final merged photo

I usually stack the source images I’ve used to create HDRs and Panos, keeping only the final merged image visible on top of the stack. This keeps things more organized (for me, anyway).

Now when merging to HDR and Panorama, Lightroom can automatically stack the source images used by simply checking the new Create Stack checkbox in the HDR/Panorama Merge Preview dialog.

Final Pano/HDR is merged into a stack

When the merging is complete, the final merged HDR or Pano image will be displayed at the top of the stack containing the source images used to create the HDR or Pano.

HEIC Image Files Support on MacOS High Sierra

Lightroom Classic 7.4 CC now supports Apple’s HEIC image file format on macOS High Sierra v10.13 or later. For more info on this see the Adobe Tech Note.

There have been bug fixes as well in Lightroom Classic 7.4:

  • Keyboard shortcuts not working for rotate left and right in French, Swedish, Spanish, and Italian – FIXED
  • Crop overlay is hard to see – FIXED
  • Tone curve enabled not copied by sync, auto sync, presets, or snapshots – FIXED
  • Settings are reset when develop preset is applied via script – FIXED
  • When backing up catalogs on macOS, Lightroom Classic doesn’t zip catalogs that have a file size less than 4 GB – FIXED
  • Lightroom unresponsive after Eject SD Card/USB Drive – FIXED
  • Presets no longer record and apply the turn on/off settings in the Develop Module – FIXED
  • Hitting “Previous” and/or Copy/Paste is triggering an bad error message – FIXED
  • Not saving new saving new presets if they contain special characters – FIXED
  • iPhone videos play in wrong orientation (Windows-only) – FIXED

You can read more about the Lightroom Classic 7.4 update and how to use these new features on the Adobe website here.