Lightroom 10 Classic Update Released at Adobe Max

This Lightroom Classic 10 Update has the usual updates for cameras and lenses. But look for the improvements of greater control over zoom and Live View for Canon (Sorry Nikon users – myself included!) There’s also under the hood stuff like faster editing in the Develop module when using brushes and gradients along with a speed bump in the Library when scrolling. Bigger news is the removal of the Split Toning panel. It’s been replaced with a more robust, Color Grading panel with exponentially more functionality to adjust colors.

The Big News: Color Grading Replacing Split Toning

Lightroom 10 has replaced the Split Toning Panel with Color Grading

And, in its place is Color Grading

The Split Toning panel has been removed

The Split Toning Panel has been replaced

This Lightroom Classic 10 update has a new, more robust way to adjust color in Highlights, Midtones and Shadows: Color Grading. It may look a little daunting, but it’s actually easy to play around with and fun to use, although a bit tricky to master. It’s a really powerful way to do subtle enhancements. Use the slider in the photo to see how you can subtly adjust skin tone with Color Grading. Practice is the keyword with this one.

Lightroom 10 Color Grading ExampleLightroom 10 Color Grading Example

And, for you Split Toning users, don’t worry, there is a way to make Color Grading behave like Split Toning by setting the blending slider to 100. Use the direct link below to the Adobe site for more details on Color Grading and what else is new in Lightroom 10.

Customization of Catalog Name on Update

I know many of you must have catalogs named Lightroom Catalog -2-2-2-2-2-2. This Lightroom Classic 10 update will give you the option to rename your catalog instead of automatically adding a “-2.”  So, when you open the Lightroom 10 update for the first time with your existing catalogs, this dialog will appear, giving you the option to custom name your updated catalog.


Go ahead, take total control of your Lightroom 10 catalog, name it with something other than “Lightroom Catalog.” It’s okay! And, sure beats the old dreary default -2 convention.

More About Lightroom 10 Updates at Adobe’s Website

There’s more to this update! So jump over to the Adobe site for more in-depth explanations and lists of newly supported cameras and lenses.

I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy!