Version 2.1.1 For Mac and PC

Last week we highlighted the updates in Lightroom Classic 8.1. For this post we will cover updates to Lightroom CC 2.1.1. This set of releases for Lightroom CC are mostly incremental. Nevertheless, Adobe shows no signs of slowing down their development of the new platform. In fact, 2.2 is already in process and, while we’re not allowed to say what the actual improvements are, we are excited by what is coming!

This December update brings us to version 2.1.1 and we have 3 relatively minor changes along with the usual updates for camera and lens support.

Set as Target Album

This very functional addition allows you to set a particular Album as a “target” and then, as you roam through your library of photos, you can simply hit the ‘T’ key and add selected photos to the target Album. This makes it much easier to organize your photos and you can add single photos or, select a group of photos to add to your targeted Album.

You can choose any Album as the targeted Album by simply right-clicking (control + click on Mac) on the Album and choosing “set as target.” You can change the target anytime by doing the same on another Album or disable it by unchecking the

Lightroom CC

Album Sharing Updates

Lightroom CC

You can now use the Pick Flag and Star Ratings to filter what images are shown in a Shared Album. Prior to this, any image in a shared Album would be visible. So, if you wanted to not show certain images in an Album you would have to remove them from that Album.

Now, you can choose to show only images that have been flagged or have a certain star rating. This will make it much less of an hassle to share a smaller subset of images from a single Album.

General Performance Improvements

Importing from an SD card or directly from a camera should be faster. There should also be some noticeable speed improvements when working in the People view.