screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-5-09-16-pmToday Adobe announced the release of Lightroom CC 6.7. It’s important to note before I go into the specs of this version, that it requires Mac OS 10.10 or greater and has compatibility fixes for Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra). I recommend updating to this version of Lightroom before updating to Sierra, just to play it safe. And because this version of Lightroom on Mac requires OS 10.10 or greater, take a look at your “About This Mac” to make sure your operating system is running at least 10.10.

Also note that Adobe Camera Raw got an update to version 9.5.1 as well.

Lightroom Update from Adobe Creative CloudThe Lightroom update will appear in the Apps tab of your Creative Cloud app. Click the gear on the top right and choose preferences if you need to log in to your Adobe account.

Below is an overview of supported cameras and lens profiles and other fixes and improvements. Some other highlights are support of iPhone and iPad camera raw and improved performance when using the white balance sliders.


Smart Previews Speed Lightroom Performance

Smart Previews are a way to develop photos without having access to the original images. It’s been discovered that Lightroom performance is faster in the Develop Module when using Smart Previews and keeping the hard drive where the originals are located disconnected from the computer.  Because of this discovery, the guys at Adobe added a Preference in the Performance tab that will always use Smart Previews when available without having to disconnect your external hard drive.

Smart Previews make editing faster in LightroomHere’s how to set the Smart Preview preference in Lightroom CC 6.7:

  1. Choose Edit > Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences dialog, select the Performance tab.
  3. In the Develop section, select, “Use Smart Previews” instead of “Originals for Image Editing”
  4. Click OK and then restart Lightroom.

With Apple’s iOS 10 update, you can shoot camera raw capture (DNG) a few of the newer iPhones and iPads, however it’s only available with third party apps. The good news is, the Adobe Lightroom Mobile 2.5 update unleashed the DNG raw capture feature on those iPhones and iPads. Those Apple devices that support camera raw are listed below.

New Camera Support

The following cameras are now supported in Lightroom

  1. Apple iPad Pro 9.7″
  2. Apple iPhone 6s + 6s Plus
  3. Apple iPhone SE
  4. Apple iPhone 7 + 7 Plus
  5. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV*
  6. Casio EX-ZR4000 (EX-ZR5000)
  7. Hasselblad H6D-100c
  8. Nikon D3400
  9. Panasonic DMC-G8 (DMC-G80, DMC-G81, DMC-G85)
  10. Panasonic DMC-LX9 (DMC-LX10, DMC-LX15)
  11. GoPro HERO5 Black

*The import and editing of jpegs, raw files and dual pixel raw files are supported, but do not support dual pixel raw.  If you are planning to use Dual Pixel raw files, please read this Adobe document that further explains what you need to do before opening Canon Dual Pixel Raw files in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom


New Tethered Camera Support

  1. Nikon D5
  2. Nikon D500

New Lens Profile Support

1.     Bower 7.5mm f/3.5 Fish-eye
2.     Bower 7.5mm f/3.5 Fish-eye
3.     Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM +1.4x
4.     Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM +2.0x
5.     iPad Pro back camera 4.15mm f/2.2 (RAW + JPEG)
6.     iPhone 6s back camera 4.15mm f/2.2 (RAW)
7.     iPhone 6s Plus back camera 4.15mm f/2.2 (RAW)
8.     iPhone SE back camera 4.15mm f/2.2 (RAW + JPEG)
9.     Leica ELMARIT-S 1:2.8/45mm ASPH. CS
10.  Nikon AF VR Zoom-NIKKOR 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6D ED
11.  Nikon AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED
12.  Nikon AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR
13.  Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 105mm f/1.4E ED
15.  PENTAX HD PENTAX-DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited
16.  PENTAX HD PENTAX-DA 21mm F3.2 ED AL Limited
17.  PENTAX HD PENTAX-DA 35mm F2.8 Macro Limited
18.  PENTAX HD PENTAX-DA 40mm F2.8 Limited
19.  PENTAX HD PENTAX-DA 55-300mm F4.5-6.3 ED PLM WR RE
20.  PENTAX HD PENTAX-DA 70mm F2.4 Limited
21.  Ricoh GR 18.3mm f/2.8
22.  Ricoh GR II 18.3mm f/2.8
23.  Rokinon 12mm f/7.4 RMC Fisheye
24.  Rokinon 50mm AF F1.4 FE
25.  Rokinon 7.5mm f/3.5 Fish-eye
26.  Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 UMC Fish-Eye CS
27.  Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 UMC Fish-Eye CS II
28.  Samyang 50mm AF F1.4 FE
29.  Samyang 7.5mm f/3.5 Fish-eye
30.  Samyang 8mm f/3.5 UMC Fish-Eye CS
31.  Samyang 8mm f/3.5 UMC Fish-Eye CS II
32.  Sony FE 50mm F1.4 ZA
33.  Sony FE 50mm F2.8 Macro
34.  Venus Optics Laowa 105mm f2 (T3.2) Smooth Trans Focus
35.  Voigtlander HELIAR-HYPER WIDE 10mm F5.6
36.  ZY Optics Mitakon SpeedMaster 85mm f/1.2

And, these Lightroom user issues have been resolved:

Click on any item to link to the article on the Adobe site

  1. Selected Published Folder or Collection is not deselected if a folder is selected
  2. Adjustment brush stops working after deleting photo
  3. Collections with counts greater than 5 digits are truncated
  4. Exporting with a watermark changes white point.
  5. White Balance Loupe displays incorrect RGB values
  6. Error message about not being able to import photos when in fact the issue is due to the destination folder is read only
  7. Fuji E X2 file imported as DNG is unreadable “The File Appears to be unsupported or damaged”
  8. Keyword suggestion for a word having &(ampersand) is incorrect
  9. Vignette correction for Zeiss Batis 25mm f2 too aggressive
  10. Improved performance when using the Temperature and Tint slides for adjusting White Balance
  11. Fixed issue where Panorama merge failed when using source files from a Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246)
  12. Fixed issue where the SIGMA 10-20mm F3.5 EX DC HSM lens for Pentax mount was not being auto recognized

Help Adobe Improve Lightroom!

Don’t forget that you can contribute to Lightroom by submitting your feature requests and reporting bugs at this link: