How to use the Lightroom Before and After tools in the Lightroom Develop module

I always love discovering something new in Lightroom that helps my workflow and developing process! I’ve been editing (selecting) and developing some photos that I shot for a wedding at a lovely farm in the Catskills this summer. The groom is a good friend of mine and he happens to be a film director as well so, he knows a lot about color process. He and his wife had some specific requests for how they wanted their photos look, which posed a slight challenge so having a robust set of Before and After tools at my disposal was invaluable for my workflow.

For a small set of the photos the bride and groom really wanted a unique look to really communicate the vibe of their wedding ceremony. After doing some basic corrections, I started experimenting with various presets I found online. Ultimately we decided that we really liked the Vintage Spring 2016 collection from Prolost and so used that as a basis for giving the photos a little something extra.

The Lightroom Before and After tool, allows you to easily compare the originally imported version of your image to the one you are currently working on in the Develop module. However, as with most things in Lightroom, there are the basic functions most people know about and then, there are the not-so-obvious power-users features, which can really extend the usefulness of the tool for everyone! This part 1 video explains the keyboard shortcuts and why Before and After is so useful.