How to trick Instagram into thinking you’re logging in from a mobile device to post your edited photos direct from Lightroom.


We are often asked the best workaround for posting photos to Instagram from DSLR or mirrorless cameras. Instagram is an important marketing tool. Our best photos are often taken with those cameras and getting them onto Instagram can be a chore.

We’ve posted about how to export from Lightroom Classic for Instagram. You can read that post here: How to Export Photos for Instagram from Lightroom Classic CC (2018). But, we haven’t covered how to upload from Classic or Lightroom CC before.

The standard workaround is to develop photos on your computer and then transfer those files to a smartphone. Apple users can use AirDrop but, a fool proof method is to email yourself the files. You can save them to your smartphone and upload them to Instagram. A bit cumbersome but it works.


Lightroom users can also use the LR/Instagram plugin to post photos on Instagram directly from their Lightroom Library. This is an “unofficial” tool and works well. However, we recognize that not everyone uses Lightroom.
12/1/2019 LR/Instagram is no longer working with Lightroom at this time.

For non Lightroom users who want to post photos on Instagram directly from their desktop or laptop computers, we found this blog post with workaround for Mac: How to post to Instagram from a Mac

We’ve tested the method to make sure it’s up to date and does, indeed, work. If you are a Windows user, you should be able to download Safari and follow the same basic instructions. Windows users can find more info about running Safari here: Running Safari for Windows

Note: some features or abilities may not work the same way as you expect from your Instagram phone app.

How to Post Using Safari

How to Instagram post without using a mobile device.
  1. Open Safari and go to the Preferences > Advanced menu
  2. Turn on the check mark, “Show Develop menu in menu bar”
  3. Log into Instagram in Safari
  4. Look for the new “Develop” menu in the menu bar and choose Develop > User Agent > Safari iOS — 12.1.3 — iPhone
  5. Refresh your Instagram page, if it does not do it automatically
  6. You now have access to your Instagram page as if you were browsing on your phone
  7. When you are done, either close the window or go back to Develop > User Agent and select Default at the top of the list
How to Instagram post without using a mobile device.

Apple has made Safari friendly to web developers who need to test their layouts and code from a desktop browser, for easy and efficiency. Since Safari on a desktop and on an iPhone are similar in nature, this workaround tricks Instagram into thinking you are logged in from a phone.

Safari screen with Instagram tools

Once you are logged in, you will see a line of tools at the bottom of your browser. Look for the big “+” symbol and click that to choose which photo you’d like to upload directly to Instagram!