“I highly recommend David Erickson.”

“David Erickson guided me through a huge project with his expertise, research and patience. I wanted to consolidate all of my 100,000+ digital photos on Lightroom and then upload them to the cloud so that my family would have access to our growing archive of family photos.

I had years of digital photos stored on various hard drives.  I had also used Aperture, which was discontinued in 2014, to organize my photos. Once Aperture became obsolete, I began using Lightroom, but the two programs were incompatible. I had ended up with photos on hard drives, photos in Aperture and photos in Lightroom, which meant that my archive was unwieldy and discouraging to use.

David gradually transferred my photos stored on Aperture into Lightroom, and then he consolidated the hodgepodge of additional older photos stored on hard drives into Lightroom. He helped me consolidate all of my personal family photos as well as work-related photos into an orderly organizational structure on Lightroom that is very easy for me to access and use. Next, he researched which photo sharing service would be most compatible with Lightroom, so that my family could also have access to our growing family photo archive, and installed it. Finally, he rationalized backup and storage for my desktop.

The end result is incredibly satisfying. I can easily access photos for fun (here’s what you looked like on your first day of school) or for more serious work-related projects.  I highly recommend David Erickson. He helped me develop a method to preserve, access and share my family’s digital photo history.”

(David Erickson) — Sue Siprelle, Documentary Filmmaker & President of Tree of Life Productions


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