Search for photos in lightroom classic cc

I tend to leave all my folders open

So, you’ve just imported a bunch of photos into Lightroom, but can’t find them. Where’d they go? Here are four ways on how to Search for Photos in Lightroom Classic CC.

It’s not unusual for me to have to search for photos in Lightroom Classic CC. I have a large library and there are way too many master year folders open, revealing a long list of subfolders that are time consuming to sift through. When I import a new batch of images, instead of scrolling through that long list of folders to find out where my new, imported photos went, I locate the folder with a simple right click on one of the “Previous Import” photos. And there are other very useful ways to search for photos in Lightroom Classic CC. The Lr:Shorts video below shows the four search methods I use most: use the contextual menu to take me to a photo’s folder in Library, filter by Edit Status, search by folder name or, search by date, camera model, lens, etc., using a Metadata search that I demonstrated for determining which focal lengths you use most in my previous blog post

These Lightroom features are all very easy to learn, and learning them will make the time you spend working in Lightroom Classic CC faster and simpler. And, who doesn’t like having Lightroom work a little faster? However, please, take note that some of these search features are only available in Lightroom Classic CC version 7.3 or later. Earlier versions of Lightroom Classic CC won’t have most of the features demonstrated in the video.

See just how easy it is to get Lightroom to behave and show you exactly where your photos and folders are located in this Lr:Shorts video!