Lots of Lightroom users out there still have the “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom” Identity Plate showing up on the top left of their LR interface. Maybe it’s for no other reason that they’re having fun and have overlooked the option to customize this.

Lightroom Default Identity Plate

Default Lightroom 5 Interface

And one of the really cool things to do, right out of the box so to speak (because Lightroom is mostly delivered via the Adobe Cloud), is to customize the Identity Plate and make it your own. It takes about a minute. You can also customize the Identity Plate with your own artwork and I plan to cover that in a future post, but for now in this demo, I’m only covering the customized text version. You can’t do this with Photoshop!

Lightroom Customized Identity Plate

Customized Lightroom 5 Identity Plate

Lightroom CC + Lightroom 6 users please note:

To access the Edit Identity Plate dialog box please Control Click (Mac) or right click (Mac/PC) the Identity PlateLightroom CC identity Plate pulldown menu





LR:Shorts Customizing the Lightroom Identity Plate with Text