It’s 2019 – Time to update your Lightroom copyright preset.

The method to create a Lightroom copyright preset hasn’t changed over the years. But like many things we only need to do once, we forget the process. So, as a public service, here’s the step-by-step process:

Create the Copyright Preset

In the Library Module, go to the Metadata Panel and from Preset pulldown menu on the right side, choose “Edit Presets.” If you should find the Metadata panel completely blank, you’ll need to select a photograph. Then the Metadata fields will appear.

Creating a 2017 Copyright Preset in Lightroom

Choose Edit Presets

Now you’re looking at the Edit Metadata Presets dialog window. The panel looks overwhelming, but don’t worry. We’re only going to fill in two of these sections. Click on every disclosure triangle on the left side to close any open sections except for “IPTC Copyright” and “IPTC Creator.”

Create Copyright Preset

Fill in the ITPC Copyright Section

Change the Copyright Status pulldown menu from “Unknown” to “Copyrighted.”

Create Copyright Preset

In the Copyright field, type the copyright symbol followed by the year and then add your name. The © copyright symbol keystroke for Mac is Option G. For PC, hold down the ALT key while typing this sequence of numbers: 0169.

In the Rights Usage Terms field, copy and paste the following legal speak: No reproduction rights are granted without the express written permission of (your name). No other usage is expressed or implied. Part of the pasted text will become hidden. But, when applied to a photo, it will appear in its entirety in the IPTC Rights Usage Terms metadata field. Double check for typos!

Create Copyright Preset

Fill in the IPTC Creator Fields

Fill in as much (or as little) contact info as you wish. And, when you’re finished, go to the Preset pulldown menu. Choose “Save Current Settings as New Preset…” Type in your Preset Name and choose Create.

Lightroom Copyright Preset

You’ve now created your Lightroom Copyright Preset for 2019.

Apply your Lightroom Copyright Preset to a Photograph

In the Library module, select an image or a group of images. Then, choose the 2019 copyright you made from the Preset pulldown menu in the Metadata panel. If you have a group of images, you’ll have an “Apply Metadata Preset” dialog appear asking you if you want one or all selected photos to have the preset applied. 

Lightroom Copyright Preset

Even if you don’t select IPTC from your Metadata view options, as long as you select your Preset, copyright information will be embedded in your image.

We wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2019!