As I wrote in an earlier post, please hold off on updating to MacOS Mojave, which is the Mac operating system number 10.14. Apple announced its release today, September 24th at 5pm. And although you may not see it featured yet in the App Store, it’s there and available for download. Hold off on updating to MacOS Mojave

You’ll also want to hold off on updating to MacOS Mojave until you have checked to see if your particular model of Macintosh can upgrade to this version.

A really good example of “Why Not?” is compatibility issues with BookWright, Blurb’s excellent book design and publishing software. The folks at Blurb recommend to complete making any books in progress before updating toMacOS Mojave. If you have a book in progress in Lightroom’s Book Module and update to MacOS Mojave, your current book will be unaffected. Now, Blurb is a company willing to admit their software is not ready. There will be software that doesn’t work with Mojave, so hold off on updating to MacOS Mojave and save yourself some grief. We’ll try to keep you posted in the coming weeks. If you must and you’re tech savvy, we recommend going to the Eclectic Light Company’s app page and checking out 32-bitCheck to see which programs are 32 bit and Taccy to check your privacy settings and notarization.