I’ve been back at my favorite location, Brooklyn Bridge Park, shooting bracketed exposures so I can test the new Aurora HDR Pro from Macphun software. Granted I don’t usually shoot HDR, but in this case I found myself having way too much fun (phun?). What’s HDR? It stands for High Dynamic Range and not only can you squeeze more tonal range out of a bracketed set of photos in a natural looking way, you can get wildly artistic with it as well.

Bracketing of three exposures, two stops apart with constant f/stop for HDR processing

And, getting great results were easy. Check this example out by dragging the slider in the middle left and right. Who knew this kind of effect could be so simple to achieve? This example took me less than one minute to do.

So, I decided to make HDR my theme for tomorrow’s NYC Lightroom Meetup on December 2nd at Tekserve on 23rd Street. I’ll be demonstrating how to shoot for HDR and how to process HDR in Lightroom CC version 6.3 in addition to my usual updates, recommendations and links.

My guest for the evening is David J. Crewe, a terrific photographer whose work ranges from landscape to portraiture and his work has even inspired an episode of Warehouse 13 on the SyFy network. David will be showing his work and demonstrating how to use Aurora HDR.