Wishing you all the very best for 2018!

Lake Region in Provincia del Neuquén, Argentina Lightroom Users can learn to develop images like this

© David Mark Erickson – Provincia del Neuquén, Argentina

As we reflect back on 2017, it’s been an exciting and productive year and one of many travels for both David Mark Erickson and myself: Bangkok, Budapest, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, Italy, Qatar, Seattle as we try to decide where to get started with our travel workshops. Ah, decisions, decisions. More on our travel workshops as they develop …

We have also been busy creating instructional videos on Pluralsight. We’ve grown, but we aren’t forgetting our roots. We’re here to serve the community and educate. And on that note, we have a few exciting announcements to make …

Upcoming Lightroom Workshop

One of the many things that we have learned from our clients is that no two students learn the same way. Some prefer the focus of one-on-one sessions, while others enjoy the more social interactions of a group workshop. As it happens, we have decided to split the difference and we will be offering a monthly small group Lightroom workshop at our bright new Brooklyn office!

  • Small Classes – Each Lightroom workshop will have 3-4 students max, for an intimate  learning experience
  • Co-Teaching – Both D.A. and David present every Lightroom workshop together, so you get to learn from two of the photo industry’s leading educators
  • Individual Attention – Co-teaching means more opportunities for solving individual problems
  • Focused Sessions – every Lightroom workshop is  3+ hours in length so we can go deeper and have more time to help you gain stronger skills with different tools and processes
  • Saturday Mornings – fun and relaxed atmosphere with fellow photogs (our clientele is very select and we personally enjoy the company of all our clients)
  • Coming Soon – live streaming of our Lightroom workshops

Our first Lightroom workshop will be on  Saturday, February 3rd in Brooklyn, NY

The special introductory price is $129.

Book now and save $70 off the normal price of $199

Click here to reserve your place!


As mentioned, we have two courses available on Pluralsight: one on the Lightroom Web & Map modules and, our second course on the most recent Lightroom Classic CC Updates, which includes info about the all new Lightroom CC.

If you haven’t checked out Pluralsight yet, we strongly recommend that you do, as we have found them to be the most professional web based training platform. This is why we’ve chosen them to be our exclusive online training content provider!

  • Pluralsight has a strong editorial staff that helps guide our educational content.  
  • For only $30/month, you get access to everything in the Pluralsight library.
  • We’re always  developing more Lightroom content for the site, but in the meantime, Pluralsight is the only other source for online info that we recommend.
  • Our upcoming course will be a full how-to to get the most out of the new Lightroom CC!

 New Website

We are also excited to mention we’re currently in the middle of a Lightroom Guy website redesign!Our goal is to create a more engaging and robust site so that Lightroom Guy is an even better resource for our readers and clients. We’ll be expanding our recommendations and book suggestions, along with more regular blog posts and announcements for local workshops. We’re hoping to have the new site up and running within the next few months.

So, once again, all the very best for 2018!