Greece Photography Workshop for 2021. Like many of you, D.A. Wagner and I were forced to cancel plans to travel last year, when we’d hoped to take a small group of photo enthusiasts with us to Greece, where hospitality has been a key feature of the culture since ancient times. As we’re sure you can imagine, this was a great disappointment. But we just recently learned that the Greek government has announced that both EU residents and vaccinated people from other countries will be allowed to travel to and throughout Greece as of May 14, when hotels, restaurants, historic sites and other tourism services are set to open. So we are thrilled to let you know that we’ll be offering a photo tour of Greece this year, from June 4 to June 20 2021.

The tour is being held by David Wagner aka The Lightroom Guy and Dimitris Giouvris owner of Athens Photo Tour, a photo tour travel agency in Greece. We are experienced professional photographers and Lightroom geeks (to say the least!). This will be a totally immersive Greek experience of photographing unusual and historic landscapes, meeting and interacting with locals, artisans and eating amazing food.

What is the current situation in Greece?

Greece is coming off of a strict lockdown, which has dramatically bringing down the number of cases and vaccinations are being handled well, with 13.2% of the population having received at least one vaccination as of this writing, which is above the average for European countries. And special attention is being given to vaccinating residents of small islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas so that they can safely welcome tourists to their shores again.

In a recent announcement by the Greek minister of Tourism, Government is gradually easing restrictions. All hotels, restaurants and tourism services are set to open by May 14th 2021.

Greece Photography Workshop - Sunrise in Athens overlooking acropolis
Sunrise in Athens overlooking Acropolis hill – Photo: Dimitris Giouvris

Which places will we visit?

This year’s tour will be a totally immersive experience, where you’ll have the opportunity to photograph unusual and historic landscapes and monuments, meet and interact with Greek locals and artisans, and eat the amazing Greek food.

The tour will start in Athens, where we’ll explore this ancient city for the first few days before taking a scenic train ride through central Greece to the mountainous regions of Meteora to explore the monasteries atop looming natural formations. Our next stop will be Zagori, a mountainous region in Northern Greece filled with remote stone built villages, stone arc bridges and remarkable scenery.

Having explored inland for the first part of the tour we’ll travel south to the islands in the Aegean sea to visit Sifnos and Milos islands. Both are very well known for their character, architecture and gorgeous seaside views. Our last stops will be the beloved island of Mykonos, full of life, and the historically significant archaeological site of Delos.

More information regarding the itinerary of the tour

Fire clouds in Meteora – Photo: Dimitris Giouvris

What’s the weather in June in Greece?

Temperatures may rise up to 30C/86F degrees in Athens but it’s bound to be cooler in the Northern areas of Meteora and Zagori. These are the places which we will most likely encounter some rain if any. Moving to islands, the temperatures rise but not more than Athens. Evenings are going to be perfect and an excellent time to take a break, relax and hit the beaches. Bring your hat, sunscreen and light summer clothes.

What kind of workshop is this?

This will be a relaxing two-week photography tour. Yes, we’ll be busy, but we don’t want to wear you down! We are planning to take photos during sunrise and sunset on many days.  There will be Lightroom, photography and Photoshop workshops that cover different aspects of photography during some of our down times. These cover typical library management in Lightroom, professional workflows for landscape photography and much needed time for developing of our photos with both of us available for assistance. Lots of personal attention.

Milos island architecture - Greece Photography WorkshopMilos island architecture – Photo: Dimitris Giouvris

Do I need to have a certain degree of experience to attend?

Not at all. We welcome photographers of all levels in our Greece Photography Tour Workshop. We have worked with everyone from beginners in photography to experienced professionals. Gear can be rented here in Athens if you plan to travel light. Let us know and we’ll help you.

Are you still accepting bookings?

Yes we are. For the next two weeks (ending April 3rd, 2021) we will be accepting bookings for people that still are thinking about traveling and joining a photography tour. Find details of the tour below:

  • Dates or the tour, 6-20 June 2021 – Greece Photography Workshop
  • Dates of extension, 4-6 June 2021 – 2days extension of the Tour visiting Mykonos & Delos
  • Cost: $5499.00 / €5000,00 per person in shared room for Greece Photography Workshop
  • Cost: $1500.00 / €1365,00 per person in shared room for the extension tour

For bookings and inquiries please contact via email:
D.A. Wagner

For more information have a look here

Greece Photography Workshop - Zagori stone arched bridgesZagori stone arc bridges – Photo: Dimitris Giouvris