Google Nik Collection

Photo © Tony Sweet

Well, here’s some amazing news. The Google Nik Collection, is free as of today. The entire collection, not just one of their programs. Yup, all of them. Free.

Now, I have no idea why Google decided to buy Nik in the first place. And, who knows why they decided to make it free. But who cares, Nik software is rated as one of the best plugins for Lightroom, tried and true.

With seven different programs for black and white, sharpening, film style effects and a Viveza, a developing tool to compliment (or even replace!) Lightroom’s developing module to name a few. So there’s no reason not to have Nik as part of your workflow strategy.

The Google Nik Collection is both a stand alone program and a plugin that works with Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Aperture (if you’re still using it). And, did I mention, it’s free?


Google Nik Collection

Photo © Josh Haftel