Do you ever find yourself dreading the amount of time it takes to develop all the photos from your last trip? Well, you are not alone! Over and over again we hear from clients about how they avoid selecting and developing because of the shear number of photos they took. One of our solutions is to demonstrate how we take advantage of all the features that Lightroom has to offer. And one of them is, that there are four ways to adjust Lightroom sliders in the Develop module.

We know it sounds a little to simple but, knowing how to quickly adjust the sliders in the Develop module can really speed up your workflow.We’re going to show you four different ways to make slider adjustments, most of them without even having to use your mouse. You’ll be surprised by how much time these four little tips will save you!

And, whether it’s sliding, dragging, entering numbers or making incremental changes, each of these methods is designed to give you total control.  Try each of them the next time you develop. It may not seem like a big deal, but like all things Lightroom, these different techniques will enhance how you work when developing your photos.

Making the most of the Lightroom Slider AdjustmentHovering over the slider and tapping the up/down arrow keys is my favorite for making incremental adjustments. It gives me the most control over my adjustment settings. And, while holding down the SHIFT key while tapping the up/down arrows will make larger changes, holding down the OPTION key (ALT on the PC) will make smaller changes. It’s the most exact way to make critical adjustments when developing in Lightroom.

While you might know what all the Lightroom adjustment sliders do, play our quick 90 second LR:Shorts video below and see how fast it is to learn the four different ways to adjust them.