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Five Dramatic Examples of Lightroom Images

Here are five dramatic examples of Lightroom images that demonstrate the power of camera raw! My favorite Lightroom tools are Graduated and Radial filters. They are similar to traditional burning and dodging darkroom tools, but far easier to master.

Lightroom can dramatically change the look of your photography!


elderly laundress putting clothes out to dryelderly laundress putting clothes out to dry

[/twentytwenty] (Drag the center slider left or right to compare the photos before and after Lightroom.)

(Above Photo) While taking an afternoon bullock ride in rural Kerala, India, I came across this wonderful scene of a laundress putting colorful saris out to dry. (Photo © 2016 D.A.Wagner)

[twentytwenty]Zebras in Namibia at watering holeZebras in Namibia at watering hole[/twentytwenty]

This photograph of zebras at dusk in Namibia by Shaula Yemini was originally overlooked. After doing some developing in the Basic Panel, we lightened the shadows in the zebras and background using Radial filters, then warmed up the evening sunset sky and watering hole using Graduated filters. And even though this was shot at a high ISO of 1000, we revealed some wonderful details, especially the dust being kicked up. (Photo © 2015 Shaula Yemini)

Camargue horses running in the marshCamargue horses running in the marsh
[/twentytwenty]This is one of my favorite shots of 2015. It was a very overcast day and already close to sunset and the horses were in shadow. A few radial and gradient filters were used to bring out the details in the horses, water and the sky. (Photo © 2015 D.A.Wagner)

[twentytwenty]Siena, Italy - Sunrise with mistSiena, Italy - Sunrise with mist[/twentytwenty] This landscape of Siena, Italy at sunrise was purposely photographed dark so I could capture the sun and sky without them being burned out (too bright). I lightened the dark areas of the image foreground and then added a Graduated filter to the sky to bring out the detail is the wisps of clouds. (Photo © 2015 D.A.Wagner)


Fishing boat returning at sunset in Kochi, IndiaFishing boat returning at sunset in Kochi, India

[/twentytwenty]This photo looked pretty good right out of the camera. But then I started adding gradient filters for the sky and water. Then some clarity to add some overall crispness to the details made this snap! (Photo © 2016 D.A.Wagner)






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