Lightroom is not fun when you can’t find your photos.

And one of the most difficult and frustrating challenges is finding missing Lightroom photos and relinking them. There are a fair number of tutorials on this, but missing images rarely will be found in the same folder as where they were originally located, which is what most tutorials cover. That’s waaaaay to easy. You usually lose (or shall we say “misplace”) images because they were moved outside of Lightroom (we won’t say by whom) using your Finder or Explorer – if you’re on a PC.  So finding and reconnecting the file is only the start, then locating where the photo ended up and moving it back to its proper folder and linking it is the finish – and the process can be confusing.

My video attempts to explain how to identify missing files, locate and reconnect them to the Lightroom library. I also have some useful suggestions to find those reconnected images because strange things happen when you reconnect files that are no longer in the same folder as your original import. Trying to simplify the step-by-step process of finding and relinking missing photos has been challenging. There’s no one way to do it and everyone’s library is different. So, consider this video tutorial a suggested serving…

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