Enhance Details
Enhance Details

Last week, Adobe released updates for both Lightroom Classic (version 8.2) and Lightroom CC (version 2.2 – the cloud-based version). Along with the usual bug fixes and new camera and lens support, the big highlight for Classic is the new Enhance Details tool. And, for CC, Adobe has added a number of very useful developing tools.

Click through these links for details on the updates for camera and lens support. There are more details than we are going to cover in this post. Read about everything on the February Lightroom Releases post over at the Adobe Blog.

Enhance Details for Classic

The Enhance Details tool is yet another development that engages Adobe’s machine learning algorithms, called Sensei. Below, we’ve made a short demonstration video showing how Enhance Details works. In short, this is a tool that we recommend people use very sparingly. It creates huge files and can take a lot of processor time for not a lot of easily viewable results.

This tool is for anyone who makes very large prints of their work OR for people who care a lot about the fine details of their photos. Even in both of those cases, we suggest the tool be used sparingly given the relative size of the files that get created.

For more info, check the Adobe Help website pages regarding Enhance Details.

New Develop Tools for CC

Adobe has added five new developing tools in the update for Lightroom CC version 2.2. These are important updates that users have been asking for that demonstrate Adobe’s ongoing commitment to keep similar functionality between the two Lightroom versions.

The updates include:

  • HDR merge
  • Pano merge
  • HDR Pano merge
  • Target Adjustment Tool, and
  • Histogram clipping indicators.

The Adobe Blog post for February Lightroom Releases has more details on all of these tools.