In this post, we’re reviewing our favorite Lightroom CC 2018 improvements (Lightroom CC version 2.0) of the desktop application. Last week we reviewed our favorite new features of Lightroom Classic 8. This week we’re reviewing our favorite Lightroom CC 2018 improvements and key features. Just a reminder, this is the cloud-based version of Lightroom. At the end of this post you can find direct links to Adobe for additional info (and under-the-hood-improvements) for this latest Lightroom CC version 2.

People View (Sensei)

Arguably one of the most important features Lightroom CC has brought forward is automatic face detection. This feature automates the massive and thorny problem of finding all the photos of the people you care about or need to identify in your library of photos. The People View feature is based on Lightroom’s machine learning system, called Sensei. Sensei is increasingly being relied on for many features of Lightroom (in both CC and in Classic) such as Auto Tone in the Develop modules as well as improved search capabilities (see below).

Once images have been uploaded to the Adobe Cloud servers, the photos are run through Sensei and grouped into a spread of images. Double clicking on a face opens up that individual’s group of photos where you have the opportunity to name that person. And, like any automated system, the process is not perfect! So, Lightroom may also ask you about other photos it is not sure of and you will have an opportunity to merge those.

A couple of tips and tricks we think you should know about …

1) You can rename a person anytime by simply clicking on the name in the header

Lightroom CC 2018 Improvements






2) You can choose hide a person by right-clicking with your mouse on their face (or use control/alt-click)

Lightroom CC 2018 Improvements





3) For several more options, click on the three dots at the top right to:

Lightroom CC 2018 Improvements– Batch show/hide faces
– Batch merge
– Sort by name or number of photos


The development team at Adobe is working very hard rolling out updates and they seem to be averaging around four or more updates per year. So, we expect to see additional improvements of this feature!

“New!” Improved Search

Even after typing the first letter of your search Lightroom CC is looking!

One of the most brilliant features of LrCC is its search feature, which is now smarter than ever! For the record, this is definitely something we wish was included in Lightroom Classic (maybe someday). There’s no need for keywording because of the Lightroom CC 2018 improvements, as Adobe Sensei compares your photos to their extensive library of reference images. When you’re connected to the internet and LrCC is actively synced, Sensei can identify pretty much everything from airplanes to mountains, pizzas to zebras without a keyword. It’s not always perfect, but we were impressed. It even located an art installation of projections against a cathedral at night. Impressive.

Migrate Apple Photos (Mac Only)

If you are an Apple Photos user and want to start using Lightroom CC, there is now a new migration tool that can help you with this process. We have not tested this yet so we won’t vouch for it, other than to say that once you commit the import you won’t be able to stop or undo it.

Professionally, we don’t advise using these types of “black box” processes. We have migrated hundreds of catalogs for our clients and have learned the hard way that, when these black box tools fail, they cause huge problems that can take a lot of time, money and effort to correct.

If You Need Help

While our custom migration processes may be a bit labor intensive, we have found that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you do find yourself in need of a catalog migration, contact us for a quote! We have successfully moved many Picasa, Apple and Aperture catalogs.

You can find more detailed instructions about Apple Photo Migration here on the Adobe Lightroom CC Help Pages.

Lightroom is Expanding Its Reach

Beyond the “photographers” market (hobbyists through professionals), Adobe appears to be making a direct challenge to programs like Apple Photos, Google Photos and Windows’ Photo App, which serve the broader consumer market. So, for the casual iPhone photographer, Lightroom CC is becoming a powerful alternative.

Additional Information About Lightroom CC 2018 Improvements

Updated Camera and Lens Support

New cameras and lenses have been added, including the new mirrorless offerings from Canon and Nikon. The extensive list of supported cameras and lenses can be found in the links below.