At my last NYC Lightroom Meetup at Tekserve we had Worldwide Adobe Evangelist, Terry White as our guest speaker. Easy going, clear and honest (tells it like it is), Terry breezed through two hours of Lightroom tips and tricks, and answering questions on the fly without missing a beat. Terry knows Lightroom like no one else I’ve ever met. Everyone had a great time. Terry also has a comprehensive YouTube channel Lightroom playlist loaded with great, short tutorials, sometimes he is revealing hidden features that, in my mind, should be right in front.

Here’s what I learned from my new LR hero Terry this week: Exposure Matching. I think this should be a big button, a really big button in the Basic Panel, not hidden away like it is.Lightroom most selectedAnd it’s as simple as selecting a group of photos in the Library from the same shoot or environment. You can choose as many photos you wish. They don’t have to be sequential. And with the most selected photo (the photo with the lightest gray border) being the exposure you wish to match

go to Photo>Develop Settings>Match Total Exposures. Lightroom will then do its best to equalize the other selected exposures in the group to match your most selected photo. It does a pretty decent job and saves some time. Note: This only does exposures, not white balance.

Here’s the link Terry’s Video that introduced me to Exposure Matching in Lightroom.