Lightroom Guy has a wide range of advanced Lightroom skills. But, more than anything else, we spend the bulk of our session time helping you organize your photos. As of 2023, we’ve helped over 1500 clients over the past 12 years: royalty to grandmothers, teenagers to octogenarians, hard working professionals and hard-core enthusiasts to organize their photos.

Why is Lightroom photo organizer the number one reason clients reach out to us?

Organize Your Photos

The simplest answer is, there is overwhelming volume of the photos we take. Selfies, documents, our kids and on and on it goes. On average, Americans capture about 20.2 photos per day while Europeans, take only 4.9 photos per day.

And, while we here in the U.S. seem to take the most photos, 7373 per year, even Europe has its challenges at 1788. Do a little more math and multiply those numbers by 5 years and you’ve got 73,730 and 8,942 respectively.

No wonder so many of us need a photo organizer! However, you can also learn to do it yourself. 

Organize Your Photos

Is this what it feels like when you try to organize or even find your photos?

In 2014, I wrote about maintaining an organized Lightroom Library. And a lot has changed since then. So, if you’d rather learn to manage your Lightroom Classic library on your own, I am now offering my first online course. This is a 10 session webinar course I created for beginning photo organizers, “Introduction to Lightroom Classic for Photo Managers.”

Photo Organizer

But it’s not just for photo managers, it’s for all beginning and advanced Lightroom Classic users. My $99US course covers the following topics:

  • An introduction to Lightroom Classic and how the platform works.
  • Setting up Lightroom Classic preferences and catalog settings, as well as how to start new catalogs.
  • How to do the first import, including setting up the folder structure, configuring import settings, and the difference between “Add” and “Copy” view windows.
  • An overview of L+R panels, Previews, Filters, Metadata Panel, and Customize Identity Plate.
  • What to do after the import, including renaming, moving, sort options, ratings, flags, color, and face detection.
  • How to work with collections, including an overview of quick collections, collection sets, smart collections, and sync + share online.
  • How to read histogram, quick develop, crop, and color correct.
  • How to add keywords and keyword lists.
  • How to add metadata, text, the attribute vs. filter bar, custom search, and exporting images.

Please check it out. It comes with a money back guarantee if you don’t like it. (But I’m sure you will!)