It’s another year and time once again for updating or creating your Lightroom copyright preset for 2017.


Here’s our simplified, step-by-step breakdown: Part 1

1. Start in the Library Module and go to the Metadata Panel on the right side. Choose “Edit Presets” from Preset pulldown menu (Note: if the Metadata panel is blank, simply select a photograph for the Metadata sections to appear)

Creating a 2017 Copyright Preset in Lightroom

1. Choose Edit Presets

2. The Edit Metadata Presets dialog pops up. It will look daunting, but don’t worry. Show only the sections you will be using by clicking on the left disclosure triangle for each section, leaving only the “IPTC Copyright” and “IPTC Creator” sections open. There’s no need to fill in  the Basic Info fields, you can close that section also. Now, change the Copyright Status pulldown menu from “Unknown” to “Copyrighted.”

copyright pulldown menu for Lightroom copyright Preset 2017

3. In the Copyright field, add the copyright symbol followed by the year and then your name. The © copyright symbol keystroke for Mac is Option G. For PC, hold down the ALT key while typing this sequence of numbers: 0169.

4. In the Rights Usage Terms field add the following, exactly as worded: “No reproduction rights are granted without the express written permission of (your name). No other usage is expressed or implied.” You won’t be able to see all the text, part of it will become hidden as you type. But, when you’re finished creating your preset, it will appear in its entirety in the IPTC Rights Usage Terms field when you apply the preset to a photo.

5. Fill in the rest of the fields with your contact information (you can fill in as much, or as little info as you wish) and when you’re finished, choose “Save Current Settings as New Preset…” Type in your Preset Name and choose Create.

Saving a 2017 copyright preset in Lightroom

3. Fill in the ITPC Copyright field 4. Fill in the Rights Usage Terms field 5. Fill in the other fields

Save as a Lightroom Copyright Preset 2017

No save here, you “Create” the preset

You’ve now created your Lightroom Copyright Preset for 2017.

Apply your Copyright Preset to a Photograph: Part 2

For this part only have one image selected. Don’t select a group. I’ll address that in a minute.

1. In order to view all the Copyright fields we just filled out, change the Metadata settings menu from Default to IPTC.

Selecting the Copyright preset in Lightroom

1. Change Default to IPTC

2. Now, set the 2017 Copyright, as your preset pulldown most likely will say “None.” Your saved copyright presets are located in the Preset pulldown menu in the Metadata Panel in the Library. When an image is selected, choosing the copyright metadata preset embeds the copyright info into your photo. Regrettably, Lightroom does not show a “badge” on the bottom of the image preview indicating copyright metadata, like when you add keywords.screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-11-32-40-am Maybe in the future Adobe will put a small © badge on copyrighted photos. But for now, you’ll have to look to see that the preset pulldown menu shows your copyright and not None.

Selecting the Copyright preset in Lightroom

2. Choose your 2017 copyright preset

Once you’ve done this, feel free to scroll down the Metadata panel and view your copyright preset fields. Keep in mind, that even if you don’t select the IPTC setting, as long as you have your copyright preset selected, your copyright information will be embedded in your image.Viewing the Lightroom Copyright Preset in IPTC

Apply your Copyright Preset to a Group of Photographs: Part 3

So, now, let’s place your Lightroom copyright preset into more than one image.

1. Select a group of images you wish to embed your copyright.

2. Go to your Metadata preset menu and choose your copyright preset (see Part 2,Step 2)

3. The Apply Metadata Preset dialog will pop up. Choose “All Selected.” This will apply your copyright preset to all your selected photos. Note: Don’t click the “Don’t show again” box. It’s useful as a safety and you’ll always have the option to cancel if you’ve made a mistake. Otherwise, the Apply Metadata Preset dialog will never appear and your copyright preset will be applied without an option to cancel.screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-11-23-34-am

You will also be able to add the Lightroom copyright preset to your imported photos using the Apply During Import, Metadata pulldown menu in the Import Dialog.screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-2-16-30-pm

NOTE: The reference I use for the copyright notice and terms wording is from Nancy E. Wolff’s, The Professional Photographer’s Legal Handbook. It’s a little bit history, a little bit law and quite useful.The Professional Photographer's Legal Handbook

David Mark Erickson and I wish you all the best for a very happy and healthy 2017!