At last week’s NYC Lightroom Meetup I did a short presentation on how to create a Lightroom copyright preset. Once this metadata (metadata is quite literally, information about other information) is created, you can automatically embed your copyright information into your photos on Import or manually, in the Library Module. Here’s how it’s done:

Create a Lightroom Copyright Preset

1. Start in the Library Module and, on the right side, go to the Metadata Panel

2. Choose Edit Presets from Preset pulldown menu (Note: if you don’t see the Preset pulldown, simply select a photograph and the Preset pulldown will appear)

Choosing the Edit Preset from the Metadata Panel to create a lightroom copyright preset

3. When the Metadata dialog box comes up, it will look daunting. Don’t worry. To narrow down the panels to only the ones you will be using, click on the small triangle to the left of each title. Leave only the “IPTC Copyright” and “IPTC Creator” panels open. The titles of the field text may appear either in red or in black – it doesn’t matter. Change the Copyright Status pulldown to “Copyrighted.”

Fill out the rest of the fields with your contact information. The keyboard strokes for the © copyright symbol are, Option G (Mac) and Alt 1 (PC). And in the Rights Usage Terms field add the following: “No reproduction rights are granted without the express written permission of (and then fill in your name).”

Fill in the information in the Edit Preset Dialog to create a lightroom copyright preset

4. Select DONE and then the dialog below will appear. Choose Save As…

 Lightroom Save Changes Metadata Preset to create a lightroom copyright preset

5. After you choose Save As… this dialog (below) comes up. Type in your Preset Name and choose Create. 

 Edit Preset DialogTitle to create a lightroom copyright preset

 6. This new preset will now appear in the Metadata panel Presets pulldown menu in the Library.

Preset appears in Metadata pulldown

Metadata Panel as it appears in the Library Module

And, when an image is selected in the Grid view of your Library, choose your copyright preset from the pulldown menu and Lightroom will embed that copyright info into the photo metadata.

If you have selected a group of images in the Grid view of your Library and choose your copyright preset, Lightroom will show you an Apply Metadata Preset dialog. Just choose the “All Selected” button and your copyright metadata will be embedded into all the selected images. Apply metadata dialog

Apply During Import metadata

Metadata Preset as it appears in the Import Dialog

The copyright preset will also be available when Importing – in the Apply During Import panel on the right side. Choose your copyright metadata preset from the Metadata pulldown menu to embed your copyright into every photo you are importing.

To preview all of your copyright preset information in the Metadata panel, you will have to change the pulldown on the Metadata panel from Default to IPTC. But even if you don’t select the IPTC,  all of your copyright information will be embedded in your image metadata as you had entered it in the preset and, anyone with the ability to read image metadata will see your copyright.

Viewing the Copyright Preset in the IPTC Panel

In the Default mode, you will only see limited amount of your copyright info. Change the Default setting to IPTC to see all your copyright info.